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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Well behaved dogs & children

Half term is approaching fast now, caravaners are arriving so it's a case of keeping the grass cut as soon as a van moves off whilst this bank holiday weekend sees the CL site full as well as the Rally Field. Lets hope they all behave, keeping dogs on leads and children under control. It is so very annoying when dogs are left to their own devices running about pooping au natural, strange because when you mention the signs both on the CL site and on the footpath 'dogs on leads' you are told that 'my dog is well behaved'. There have been several dogs gone AWOL over the past weeks, the temptation of a plethora of rabbits and the elusive sent of roe deer. is just too much for a pet more used to the scent of tarmac. So much for well behaved mutes, then, there are the children who are seem to be left to their own devices, much akin to the doggy one, hells teeth, this is a working farm, animals, tractors, bales DANGER! Perhaps l have missed something, l was brought up to always finish a meal before commencing on the pudding.

Being on the coast we have a interesting collection of coastal wartime defenses, one of which has been restored by a group of enthusiasts. The bunker was de-commissioned about 20 years ago and was maned by the Royal Observer Corps, the task being to watch for & identify incoming enemy aircraft and then during the Cold War years to monitor the 'flash'. The site is fully nuclear proof, but very small, in fact mind numbingly small. Strangely, the direct line to Whitehall was above ground supported by wooden telegraph posts.

Good news for our attempt to reduce carbon footprint, we have had our planning application upheld and can now go ahead with the installation of a wind turbine, with the aim of producing 40% of our electrical requirements.

Finally, what is going on in Parliament? Can someone please explain why MPs feel that the law does not apply to them? Perhaps it is time that Brown and his bunch of crooks started to behave like 'statesmen' and went to the country, but there again these money grabbing, weasel featured creatures who wouldn't know the meaning of truth if it hit them on the head, are not statesmen.


Milla said...

speaking as the owner of a perfectly obedient dog and even better-behaved children, may I say what a curmudgeonly old trout you sound today, Mrs Moo? Side-splitting jest aside, mad feckless behaviour naturally enrages me, mild mannered creature that I am. Have to admire that you've managed to snap some blue skies. Greyer than grey here, boo.

Exmoorjane said...

Caravaners?? Aaaaghhhhhh. OK, probably pissed off lots of people I know in one small sentence. But akin to ramblers in total belief that they have god-given right to do whatever they want, and go wherever they so desire. Bah humbug.
btw, amazing looking at the pic on your last post and comparing it with current weather. It is deluging it here.

Pondside said...

Beautiful cow that turned towards Brown et tous?
I'm with you on the dogs and children. We have a public trail at the back of our place and some walkers think it's quite alright for their enormous dogs to run free, right into our yard.

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