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Saturday, 16 May 2009


Over the past few weeks, the ground has become dryer and dryer, cracking in a most dramatic fashion, large fissures appearing welcoming the unsuspecting beetle. Crops have been looking a bit stressed, oil seed rape especially suffering after such a bad drilling season last autumn. Beginning of the week, BBC weather showed a final glimmer of sunshine before rain hit the north east at the week end. This last chance of ideal silage weather erupted in a frenzy of cutting, turning and clamping in an effort to cut that all so important crop whose nutrition content is at its highest. The clouds scurried across just as the last load was wrapped and storred. It can now rain, soft rain gentlely soaking into the dry soil, slicking down the dirt.

So how are the cows doing - big changes have taken place, our animals have moved 6 miles away to a neighbour's farm who is now in the final process of setting up his own dairy bottling the farm's supply of milk: the brand name is St Quintin's. So, from now on we are collecting both milk and cream from Lowthorpe on a weekly basis, pasturising on a Monday, then making ice cream tuesday to thursday. Keep it local says l, previously we had been buying in cream from Dairy Farmers of Britain, now our cows are helping to produce both the cream & milk.

This week has also seen a rush in inquiries from new customers, ice cream samples have been taken Whitby, Leeds, Northallerton and York. Whilst first deliveries have been taken to Whitby Pavillion and the wonderful sounding farm shop, Hares Leap.

Finally, for any visitors next week, Haz & Jen are not making ice cream until the folowing week as we are doing a major move of freezers, freeing up space in the production room.


mountainear said...

I know our farmers have had a wonderful lambing season, mild and dry mostly. The lambs look well on it.

I think it's a toss up now between rain to get things growing or rain holding off long enough to lug silage.

As it happens we have that good old British compromise sunshine and showers. MY garden would appreciate a little warmth now though.

Pondside said...

I'm glad to hear that you were able to complete the cutting - now bring on the rain!
We continue to have so-so weather. Not warm, not cold, drizzling sometimes, but not often sunny. I'm eagerly awaiting real spring.

Calico Kate said...

After a very dry and sunny April we are now deluged with rain, could seriously do with a little less!
Great that your cows are being so productive and so local. Well done.

Arcadian Advocate said...

wish we could have your ice cream down here.. am having trouble with butter making from our cow.. it won't work, meanwhile we tried with cream from supermarket today and it did work.. hints and tips please

Annabel said...

I love the cow photo - that's a great angle!

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