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Friday, 11 March 2011

gale force winds along the coast

As the snowdrops are slowly replaced by early daffodils, so it is that weekly ice cream production kicks into action.  Over the winter months we played with several new flavour ideas, testing the results on all too eager customers as they braved snow and howling gales to come for their weekly 'ice cream fix'!  Ideas for flavours came to us from our Facebook & Twitter pages.  Flavours ranging from chocolatey to nutty to chewy.  Narrowing the suggestions down to 'hm, thats sounds good', we began test mixes of things like white choccy & raspberry, chocolate n orange & honeycombe toffee [we are still experementing with 'soft' or 'crisp'].

When not playing with flavours, we were making contact with new customers and getting a little carried away with our graphics, mr moo seemed to be enjoying learning how to play rugby league & diving!  So, if you are attending a rugby match or pop  concert at KC Stadium in Hull, you can top up you ice cream cravings with a pot of Mr Moo's, available from the snack counter or why not stop & but one from one of the vendors walking the terraces?

Mr Moo, did rather well with his learning to dive lessons, managing to be one of the first bovines to manage a snorkle and eat ice cream beneath the waves at the same time.  Yes, you can find him in the cafe at The Deep and in the much aclaimed restaurant, eat your pudding whilst being watched by sharks & rays.

It is amazing just how busy Mr Moo has in fact been, Monk Park Farm has now a wonderful colourful counter and even on a chilly day in February chilldren were waiting in great anticipation for their teddy cones topped by a scoop of mr moo's ice cream! 

All go then for the team here at Mr Moo's, it is really great to meet with potential new customers and pass on our enthusiasm for proper dairy ice cream.  Towards the end of the month sees the announcement of the REYTA 2011 Awards at Bridlington Spa, so, fingers crossed, we may be in the running for an award this year, lets hope so! 
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