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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

panic stations

Ok, so we are now half way through the week of 'no school' that is Spring Bank Holiday or what was in my day, Whit Week. I feel as though l have aged 5o years and don't look much better either, there l was thinking that l was a Boden Mum. No, l am just a slave to the general public, making lunches, pouring coffees, clearing tables. Oh well it beats helping to calve a cow at 3 in the morning or having to miss a christening because the herdsman is off sick.

It has been amazingly busy this week; last week we made no ice cream, instead moving a large blast freezer, which is now accessible through a new freezer door from the production room. The space it has created is brilliant, we now have room for all the equipment, including the pot filler & metal detector. The team today are making up for lost time and are busy making 4.7ltr tubs of royal bourbon vanilla and our natural mint choc chip, closely watched through the viewing window by small children. We have had so many new customers come to visit this holiday, families, grandparents, teens all ages in fact; the footpath has been well and truly walked and ice cream cones and lattes munched or sipped with gusto. To be fair, up and down the coast, traders are reporting that is is seriously busy with people re-discovering the joys of the English seaside holiday. Virtually all our coastal customers have run out of ice cream and orders are being processed at the moment, ready for delivery. Many of our cafe customers have commented on how busy we actually are, for example we have seating for 80 inside, and all seats were taken for the 2 hours of lunch time service, l think that about 90 lunches were prepared and a huge amount of cappuccinos, lattes, milkshakes and smoothies served, times like this you could do with a larger, 4 headed barista machine!

To relax after a full on day in the ice cream parlour is a stroll down to the beach with the dogs - no one about, the beach empty just a few common terns diving for sand eels as the tide creeps up the beach. And how to set up for the day? Well, the last few mornings have seen perfectly blue skies, the sea flat as a mill pond, no one about, the dogs have the beach to themselves, sand martins swooping low over the cliffs , oyster catchers screaming at the dogs, and the batteries quickly recharge, if only l could bottle it..........


ChrisH said...

Congratulations on being so successful, but you must be worn out - it's good you can go and relax (for a little while, anyway!). I'm really peckish and could murder one of your ice creams at the moment!

Pondside said...

What a week you're having!
I wish I could pop over for an iced coffee or an ice cream - your place looks so good - very inviting.
I think it's good that you have the beach nearby so that you can walk and decompress at the end of a busy day.

Calico Kate said...

So pleased you had a busy week That is such great and reassuring news.
Hope you get a chance to put your toes up occasionally.

Cait O'Connor said...

Oh I envy you the walks by the sea. Congratulations on doing so well with the ice cream.

Arcadian Advocate said...

Good to hear demand is up. i hope you remember yourself, it is easy to overdo it[says one - speaking from experience]!

ChrisH said...

Muddyboots? Are you still there? (just wondering how you are faring after half-term and hot weather - eek!)

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Time for a holiday for you mrs I think!

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