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Wednesday, 8 October 2008


September has now gone, faded away like sea roke in a storm, so sails are now set for the coming winter and we begin the 'l don't know what to expect' scenario. The news re -economy is bleak, will it be as bad as they say and will we all need to open accounts at the bottom of the garden? Who knows all we can do is make a stab in the dark and try to be prepared.

From the end of the month we reduce our opening hours to 5 days a week, 11 -4 Wednesday to Friday and 10 - 5 weekends, winter also fits in nicely with our staffing levels, our uni students have returned to a life of drink and parties so we are left with our 2.5 regular staff. The half is one of the the team on maternity leave.

On the farm today tractors are flying about everywhere, ploughing, the ground has been like soggy blotting paper, farmer like headless chicken flapping around waiting to get on the land, well now he is and the ground is still wet, the drains don't seem to be able to cope with the amount of water. Sheep farmer opposite is having fun getting stuck with his plough, leaving large wet holes untouched! Who in their right mind would want to farm? Then there are the sheep, three of the beasts escaped yesterday, evading sheep fencing and netting to promenade along the footpath, so the dogs had to become sheep dogs whilst l walked the ewes back up the path and through the gate. Now that was funny, gun dogs looking fierce.

The coast at this time of the year is rather special, the light changes and the sea becomes a dark grey, ships sit out in the bay on sea anchors, at night a mass of blazing lights. The beach shifts during the autumn tides, sand and shingle being pushed up and down the shoreline, one day pristine sand the next pebbles, always different, sky, sea and sand.

PS: This guy came into today, walking around Britain's coast in aid of charity, this is more about him and his journey Colin's Epic Trip.

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