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Monday, 26 January 2009


January is about over, finished, done and lets see what February is going to offer. Certainly this winter has been a really wet one. Fields have remained waterlogged, in some cases since before harvest. The neighbouring fields have sprouted a new collection of lakes and springs. The drains are working over time, but the soil is just so waterlogged. Walking through the fields or along the footpath is a squelchy affair, the dogs are permanently muddy up to their arm pits with the only creatures seeming to appreciate these new wetlands are the wild fowl and waders!

I suppose this is how it's going to be, the Environment Agency in their undoubted wisdom have decided that in order to save Hull from further flooding, that they are going to turn off the pumps from Leven to Beeford, along the course of the river Hull, allowing the adjacent farm land to flood, the whole landscape from Leven Carrs to Barmston Drain will become marsh land; farms and houses in the lowest areas being allowed to flood. I needn't say that there is a major surge of people power. The troops are being rallied. Meetings being held in village halls, letters written to the press, TV crews covering the news, plus support from the east Riding Council and local MP. Will the Agency change its mind? They say not...........

Brandesburton and North Frodingham Flood Action Group

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