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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Pantomimes and christmas cards

Cold and wet or dry and frosty, this winter's weather seems to be all over the place. Frosts are fine, albeit cold around the old ears, but the wet, dark, dank and gloomy days and on top of all that we have the news. What can l say about that. Personally l think that a few fat cat heads need to roll and fast or else l will start to get my knives sharpened & the tumbrels out. As is so often the case, the governments, greed, unscrupulous & unregulated multi-nationals can bring the economies to a skidding halt. Oh l could spit nails at these speculators and hedge fund managers; send them here l will have them digging dykes, cleaning out calf pens and planting trees in bare feet and sack cloth the only bonus being a cup of Yorkshire Tea in a paper cup.

Running my own business, l have got to look forward to the future, next year and the following. What will happen to the rural economy and more importantly the tourist industry here on the east coast? Logic tells me that with the pound in free fall against all major currencies, the Brits will holiday here in the UK. I mean to say, where else do you have such wonderful and diverse scenery? Rugged coastline, magnificent mountains, wild moorland, historic cities and romantic ruins? Well, we can but hope now that shopping is no longer the 'in thing'.

With the coming of Christmas heralds the return of the good old pantomime and Christmas shows. This year sees Paul Daniels and Debbie Maggee at Bridlington. I am amazed at just how much ice cream gets eaten during the intervals, do people not have tea before they come out? H & J must have made about 20,000 of the little blighters [pots] in the past week, enough hopefully to take us to after Christmas - fingers crossed that is. Before you ask, traditional vanilla is the flavour of choice! On top of all this, we have finally passed our S.A.L.S.A. accreditation, and no this is not a dance from Strictly Come Dancing, but an in depth audit covering all aspects of the production process. Nothing like being busy at this time of year. it does however, have a knock on effect and, all l can say is thank goodness for Betty's by Post and H ordering the last bronze free range turkey from a neighbouring farm, so at least we will have turkey and we will have Christmas pudding with creamee dreamee vanilla to follow!

Perhaps l ought to say at this late point in the proceedings - l haven't written any cards yet - l have white address labels though ............................

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