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Monday, 11 May 2009

Mid May

Time is racing away from me. Snow and low temperatures have been replaced by May blossom flowering and the count down to first cut silage. So much has been happening over the intervening weeks that my keyboard has a problem in keeping up with the bad spelling and punctuation! Joke.

Perhaps the major update to the farm is the transferring of cows to Lowthorpe; here some more dairy farmers are going full throttle into the added value theme, not cheese or ice cream but bottling the farm's milk for their new brand St Quintin's Creamery, sorry no web site yet, so it makes more sense for us to collect both cream and milk from one spot. Our cows seem to have settled in nicely, after time spent in quarantine, whilst rather a large number of glamorous heifers and matronly dry cows have moved to the seaside for the summer! These girls are really showbiz celebs, every time they spot walkers perambulating along the permissive footpath, they race across the field, leaping, bouncing and doing handstands in a hope that they might win a place on Britain's Got Talent!

Now that summer is more or less on our door steps, we are once again opening 7 days a week, taking advantage of the noticeable increase in visitors to the Yorkshire coast. Over the Easter break, all holiday cottages and caravan sites in this part of the world were full, and this looks to be repeated over the coming bank holidays. A return to the traditonal summer holiday - buckets and spades, macks and brollys? Lets hope that the weather doesn't let us down, l have noticed that the oak is out before the ash so does that mean we will just get a splash? Oh, l do hope so, there is nothing more sole destroying than wearing wellington boots in August!

Sorry no photos, my camera has met with a rather nasty accident.


Pondside said...

I love the image of the cavorting cows - wish I could draw!!
I hope you have a lovely, warm summer and lots of lovely, happy, ice-cream-loving guests.

Arcadian Advocate said...

We just don't have enough hours do we.. nice to know you are galloping too.. and yet we still blog.. must get my camera sorted too..
wish you could come to our open farm sunday.. you are just too far away

Calico Kate said...

Great mental images of dancing cows! Really pleased to read that your cows eat real grass and live in fields. John Cravens report on Countryfile last night has me seriously worried. I just had no idea at all.
Hope that the summer is a goodly profitable one for you.

muddyboots said...

Yes l watched John craven on Countryfile too, most cows in this country spend the summer months in grass fields, very few herds are zero grazed. Yes there is a problem with the holstein breed, a cow designed for the barn system in the US, but, farmers are re-introducing fresian genetics to improve heath and fertitlity.


I enjoy keeping abreast of your plans Muddyboots. Certainly not May weather here in Ireland. Hope the weather improves, and you have a very successful Summer.

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