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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Task: take ice cream to Oslo

For 2 days now l have waited for the hedge planters to re-appear. They have done so at 17.00 this evening. It will be dark soon and there are a final 50 shrubs to plant plus the fencing, [sheep netting with two rows of barbed wire on top attached to wooden stakes], 3 wooden gates, 2 owl boxes AND those small bird boxes. Perhaps l am just dim, tomorrow would have been fine. farmer hastily drew a map of where the final shrubs were to go, leaving me idiot proof instructions of the exact siting of the dratted plants.

Farmer is away. He left Monday at the crack of dawn heading for Oslo via Humberside / Amsterdam to a Trade exhibition that is being held in the British Embassy. So not only did he have to get himself actually there, despite me having checked him in online, but also 14 500ml tubs of ice cream in a variety of mouth watering flavours. So we have had fun for the past week, testing how long ice cream will stay frozen in an electric freezer container that will only be plugged in on the hour's drive to the airport from here! I will not mention the word stress or mad in this post!

The traveler has rung twice, first to say he had arrived in Schipol and again on his arrival in Oslo where, incidentally there was 2 feet of freshly fallen snow. oh, and he rang this morning asking me to email a price list as he couldn't find his copy. He returns tomorrow so that means l have no car and Harry has brought home an 09 Golf TDI courtesy car which has the full works, leather seats climate control, this goes back to the VW Garage in Hull tomorrow, and it smells Wonderful, l had almost forgotten what a brand new car smelt like. So that leaves me in a bit of a pickle. The Regional Food Group are doing a network / meet the buyer at Bishop Burton College tomorrow evening and l am down to attend, but it's too far to walk, there is no bus or train and Harry is chairing the Young Farmers meeting tomorrow evening, so you see my problem. Life is such fun.


Un Peu Loufoque said...

I'd volunteer to take you but alas its a bit far!!

Suffolkmum said...

Life is so glam sometimes isn't it! Sorry you're stuck.

Frog in the Field said...

Living on a farm and being married to a farmer is certainly interesting isn't it?
You never know what will happen, tonight our tea table had to stretch to feed 11 people (5 of whom I didn't expect!).

Pondside said...

Dear Muddy - I'd send my private Lear Jet........if I had one xo

Arcadian Advocate said...

Ha ha.. sounds so familiar we have had car trouble too.. resulting in a week's hire of one car, a temporary insurance upgrade of another to include under 25's and hopefully 2 new suspension springs will be back on the other little car today...
Plenty of vehicles on a farm - combines and tractors, not so good for the college run to the railway station etc etc,.
Love to taste ice cream..mmm in fact we tried some 'local' type last night [3 mini tubs] from a foodie shop I'd passed and the strawberry was not as we expected at all - horrible very pink and synthetic, I am sure yours would be delic!

Calico Kate said...

Oh the joys of living in the countryside! Could you borrow a tractor for the evening?

Looking forward to hearing about the hugely successful tradeshow.

laurie said...

you'd think once it got to norway it would stay frozen all on its own.

what a fun trip....when all goes well.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Most impressive van photo... and when I think on it... your ice cream name is a smashing one... funny with reference to the product. If we get a long hot summer you'll probably become a millionairess!

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