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Friday, 27 February 2009

?? Spring

Time to move the Egyptian bit down the page and behave in a more serious and business-like manner as befits a country dweller in deepest darkest east Yorkshire. Oh my LOL, must be the vast improvement in the weather, no rain for several weeks now, the temperature has risen by at least 10 degrees, the mud is drying up and the large winter lakes are starting to recede. Spring MUST be on its way.

At last, things are starting to pick up along the coast, half term saw a busy week for us with many new customers coming through the doors, enjoying the farm walk to the sea plus a good calorific burst of yummyness! I think this has been the busiest February half term for a while. I know that many of our customers up and down this part of the coast are expecting a good year as the portents seem to predict an influx of English visitors opting for the traditional seaside holiday as opposed to holidaying abroad and being at the mercy of the valueless pound. I do hope they are right!

This time of year always seems to be manic, new customers to visit, maintenance, development of new flavours plus as an added bonus tree planting. The farm has the bulk of its acreage put down to the Countryside Stewardship scheme,[ is that grammatically correct?] and also we have planted over 2000 trees under the woodland grant scheme, anyway another 2000 trees and shrubs have gone in this week plus additional bird boxes and owl houses, so, in about 100 years time there should be wonderful broadleaved woodland surrounding the farm, that is provided the sea hasn't reached the back door! Ever the optimist you see.

New flavours of ice cream for this coming season are - cookies and cream and peach shortcake. And for those readers of this badly spelt and grammatically incorrect jotting based here in Yorkshire, you should be able to find a selection of 4 of our 500ml flavours in your local Tesco. well that is the theory.

As a little something for anyone in search of a change of life style can l recommend this rural gem?

Mistlehall Farm


Elizabethd said...

Cookies and cream!! Sounds delicious, I wish we could get the ice creams here. Have you considered export???!

Frances said...

How I would love two scoops of Peach Shortcake! I still remember making peach ice cream as a child ... my absolute favorite flavor.

I wish you great success in the coming seasons.

(All those trees are such a gift to the future. Well done!)

Pondside said...

I'll have a vat of that peach ice cream please, and seat in the sun on which to enjoy it.
Freezing cold here today, but sunny. I'm taking my parents out for the day and wish I could just bring them by your place for a treat!

Un Peu Loufoque said...

I think Elizabtehr D and I may have to do a commando style raid to liberate your icecream for French customers!!

ChrisH said...

Phwoooar! Wish I lived a bit closer so I could be a volunteer taster. here's wishing you a very successful and enjoyable year.

mountainear said...

Hope you get loads of visitors and customers. Wish we were nearer because those ice creams are very tempting.

Mrs ElderBerry said...

Yes, l too would like to wish you well for the coming season.

Suffolkmum said...

Cookies and cream - my favourite. I hope it is a bumper year for you. There's nothing really like a British seaside holiday.

Arcadian Advocate said...

After such a hard winter we could all do with a good summer on the farm and for our diversifications..
ice cream yummy, but no Tescos here..
agree few signs of spring are sprung..
my grammatical murder I think!!

LittleBrownDog said...

Will definitely be looking out for those new flavours in Tesco! And, yes, I have a feeling there'll be a lot more of us opting to rediscover the Great British Holiday over the coming months, so hope you've got plenty of ice cream in.

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