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Monday, 9 March 2009

Distruction at Withow Gap

This morning should have been a lovely one, the sun was shining, clear blue skies that in this part of the world seem to go on for ever until disappearing into the distant horizon. Dogs frolicking about, chasing rabbits and searching out for anything dead that might just prove to be one more delicious Scooby snack.
This week the tides are out during the morning, right out past the old rusting supports from some pre-war jetty, miles of pristine sand, interrupted only by the concrete tank traps and pill boxes left insitu since WWII. The tank traps, slowly being eroded by the action of the North Sea, are gradually being colonised by barnacles, mussels and seaweed, sometimes totally exposed by the action of the sea, other times covered by sand. These important 20th Century bits of modern archaeology have proved a really useful asset to protect the SSSI, which is Withow Gap, from rapid coastal erosion it has also provided a good anchorage point to prevent the currents removing sand from this stretch of beach, perhaps though for several generations of children, these concrete outposts have been an impromptu table or chair for that high summer picnic.

It was therefore with some sense of outrage, and thank the gods l had my camera with me, that today the large concrete lumps have been wrenched from their resting place of 60 years, torn from the beach and dragged off a mile up the beach to Ulrome where someone, [who l have no idea], although someone mentioned 'environment agency ' & another a' caravan park owner' was taking these 'unwanted' and 'free rocks' to reinforce their cliff base to prevent or slow down erosion further up the bay. I believe that this may well be an illegal operation and most certainly is plain wanton vandalism!


Woozle1967 said...

I can't believe it! Am speechless (a VERY rare thing!). You really need to find out for sure who is responsible - I would think the Environment Agency wouldn't be so daft as to remove them from one area where they are doing something positive to another for exactly the same purpose. Would they? Err......... hope not!

Calico Kate said...

Well you never know if your Environment Agency is anything like our SNH then it may well be them. But this is awful Muddy. Do hope you can get it stopped before too many are taken away.
Good luck

Elizabethd said...

That is shocking. Can you report it to one of the bodies who deal in this sort of thing...English Heritage for example?

Suffolkmum said...

Unbelievable. I share your outrage. Hope you can take action.

Pondside said...

I hope that someone picks up on this - someone with some media clout. It's vandalism of the nastiest kind.

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Contact the authrities ASAP this is terrible, who knows what damamge they are doing. Oh how foolish people are!!

Mrs ElderBerry said...

oh my, this sounds dreadful, with any luck there might be an unexploded bomb hidden beneath one of these concrete structures

ChrisH said...

Honestly, that is outrageous! Have you had any more news about this since this post?

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