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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mad March

What glorious weather we are having at the moment, sunshine, blue skies and dare l say it, mild temperatures, wonderful. After my last bit of blogging concerning the vanishing lumps of concrete and reinforcing of sea defenses, it is with some relief that l can happily note that all activities in this direction have ceased. Nothing has moved in the past week.

The marked change in weather has seen an upturn in visitor numbers to the coast as families seem to be taking advantage of good value family days out. Who needs to spend hours waiting in airports when it is so very easy to drive to wonderful coastal areas where a walk on the beach or an hour or two spent rock pooling costs nothing, mind you an ice cream usually makes a nice little treat that doesn't break the bank! It is fascinating really, that the newspapers and politicians are full of grim news, yet people seem to be rediscovering perhaps, the more simple things in life, you don't need to be constantly spending on this latest gadget or that even better more desirable thingummy bob to enjoy yourself. Fresh air, a seaside promenade and a bag of chips soaked in lashings of vinegar, who could ask for more?

Now with the all too rapid approach of Easter, we are trying to finish off those last minute maintenance tasks, weeding the herb patch that surrounds the terraced area, stuffing the planters to overflowing with brightly coloured spring bedding, washing the interior walls and repainting plus all the other normal everyday tasks that just keep the place running more or less smoothly for most of the time. This Sunday is Mother's Day, usually a busy one for us, and for this year's Mother's Sundae we are looking at a little something based around meringue, fresh fruits, ice cream, cream and chocolate, should go down nicely l think!


Pondside said...

I'll have one of those please - the sundae with meringue.....yummy.
This has truly been a mad March all over. Nice to see your bright flowers - we're still weeks away from that here. It feels very strange not to see flowers at this time of year.....something to anticipate. (If that isn't Pollyanna-ish, I don't know what is!)

pinkfairygran said...

Save a Sundae for me too please! Not that I am a fan of Mother's Day, it's just too darned sad really, and I have made my views known on the whole Mother's Day commercial event...
And like many, I have long known the pleasures of the simple things in life and extolled the virtues thereof more than once on my own blog. Trouble is, people discovering the same pleasures, the walks on the beach and so on, can have a downside.. there will be more people about! One of the best bits about the walk on the beach here, is the solitude. Well, apart from the occasional troop of cavalry horses, or camera crew with Mr Fry that is, and who can object to either of these?

ChrisH said...

Damn! I want a sundae! This weather's been such a blessing, nothing beats feeling the sun on your face after all the rain. I'm glad they're leaving the coast alone now.

Arcadian Advocate said...

How far south do you come with ice cream?
Am trying to find good farm ice cream who'd like to have a stand for Open farm Sunday 7 June.. or should that be Sundae
Glad the beach is better..

Calico Kate said...

Just catching up Muddy. Love the sound of a Mothers sundae even though I'm not one I still rather fancy it!
Such a sunny post Muddy.

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