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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

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Spring, tra-la. It seems to be on its way, after so much snow and frost, blue skies, wall to wall sunshine and a rise in air temperature seems to be tempting out the new leaves of the hawthorn and the flowering of blackthorn bushes. Even the wet holes seem to be less wet. Spring, Spring, Spring.

Ice cream production is now getting back into full swing, with many of our coastal customers reporting a noticeable increase in visitors numbers already this year, all good stuff. Certainly the 5 pitch caravan club site is fully booked now for all this years Bank Holidays, every day we are getting people inquiring as to Easter availability.

Last week, we had a slight stroke of luck resulting in a bit of free publicity, Chris Berry, a Yorkshire based journalist, rang on the off chance of coming and doing a bit of a story on us for the Yorkshire Post's weekend issue, to appear in the Country Week supplement. Luckily, the team was making ice cream, so Chris was all geared up in full protective clothing, white hat and coat plus a most becoming blue hair net with a sliver stripe running down the middle! The following photo session had the team grinning expertly at the camera. I too was unfortunately captured on film, looking all 'calm' and 'relaxed' leaning on a gate whilst my fingers were being sucked off by one of the heifers! Saturday's article.

The weekend was extremely busy with us completely selling out of Jenny's famous caramel shortbread!


Mrs ElderBerry said...

What lovely pictures of you all and you must write up the recipe for those caramel shortbreads my dear, they are my one weakness you know.

Grouse said...

Time I paid you all another visit! What amazed me is that you are all as laid back and relaxed as you look in the photo, despite the huge amount of work you all manage to achieve each day

Sally's Chateau said...

Well done on your publicity for Mr Moo's delicious ice cream, an inspiration to all small businesses, as for the shortbread ....... sigh

Frances said...

Oh, I do want to try that ice cream ... every flavor, please. And the caramel shortbread ... looks like the ultimate treat.

I can see how happy your customers must be!


Un Peu Loufoque said...

My goodness what a jolly friendly bunch you all look! What wonderful publicity, well done!

ChrisH said...

Brilliant article and lovely photo of you. Gosh, you'll be even busier now!

mountainear said...

Excellent article - you do indeed all look relaxed. Hope you have a really busy year.

Pondside said...

Great article and pictures! You look as though you haven't a care in the world when I imagine your work load is incredible.
Wouldn't I love to have a scoop of that ice cream, a walk on your trails and then a cup of tea and a slice of that shortbread.

Calico Kate said...

Great piece Muddy, and you look very happy having your fingers 'sucked off'!
(Also liked the way the paper website worked think I will send that link to our local rag and try to get them to brighten up the site/paper.)

I wonder if Tescos up here is selling it. Will have a look next time I'm through in Glasgow.
So pleased that things are going well.

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