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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

severe weather warning

Ah, July is now upon us. Summer is here, long hot sunny days sipping pimms & balmy evenings burning sausages on the barbie. If only!

I started today's blog with the full intention of not mentioning..the WEATHER... argh, l've done it... Sorry guys, we still have rain. Rain showers [heavy], thunder storms, sunny intervals, torrential rain, heavy downpours, sunny intervals, sharp showers, hail, thunder & lightening. When are those horsemen due?

Flood water recedes then hey presto up it comes again with the next batch of precipitation. Dykes & drains are not draining away excess water. This is truly scary. This is summer. We are supposed to be sitting on the beach eating fish & chips. Forget that pretty summer frock or must have open toed sandals. Nope. Wellington boots, macs, umbrellas & waterproof mascara are the items essential for this summer!

I am so glad that l saw SUNSHINE in France a few weeks ago & even more thankful that l had had a week in the sun in January. This July l think it's a case of get out the fake tan & lets go a streaky orange!


Anonymous said...

Fake tan! I hate the stuff but am inclined to use it. I was only talking to my mum yesterday about the weather (usual topic of conversation) and we agreed how very strange it seems to be at the moment. It really can't make up its mind what to do. Infact, I'm getting pretty fed up with it now!

Crystal xx

The Country Craft Angel said...

I don't know how I have missed your blogs. Have thought about you loads the last few days and wondered how it had affected you. What a nightmare. It is awful to think people have lost their lives because of rain.

You have such a good outlook on life-I wish I could be more 'laid back and less highly strung! Really admire you.

You take good care

warm wishes

Made me laugh about the fake tan-That is where the 'Orange Man' blog title came from...The Orange Man will be making his appearance over the coming days!....x

sally's chateau said...

Oh Muddyboots His Lordship is sitting on the terrace where we sipped some wine under a huge sun umbrella but I'm hiding in the shade, I'm glad it was lovely and sunny for you over here. x

muddyboots said...

thanks sally, my feet a now definitely welly boot shaped, l have a smart tidy pair for working in!!! they have cows on or are they dogs?


Now panic not, Gilles, who is my dog whisperer french electrician who has that look the french have of having just got out of bed, says it is because we had 2 moons in june, ie we had a blue moon ie 2 full moons in one month which knackers the moon out so it is blue (as in fed up and feeling drained) and his effects the weather badly. He assures me that it will get better after 15th but may worsen around 20th when we have very high tides (we are an hour from the sea so they would have to be pretty high to effect us I owuld have thought) and that september is going to be a wash out.. he would not comment on August.. there you go not all bad then. I make that 5 days of possibe summer between 15th and 20th July dear..oh and by the way it is still raining here too!

Pondside said...

Hi Muddyboots! I loved the idea of fake tan!! Have you thought of those ones where you go naked into a booth and are sprayed? Sounds like fun???
We are finally getting 'sunny breaks' here but I think I'll have webbed feet if it doesn't get summery soon.
You commented on my having got life worked out, after my list on my blog page. No way! Life is a work in progress - there are dark times and hard times, but I am trying to stand in the sunlight - even if the weather out here isn't cooperating.
Love your blog - it's one of the things that keeps the good vibes going for me.

FunkyMunky said...

I do feel for you as whenever we see the footage of Yorkshire on the telly it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I hope it improves soon as we only have July & August left as proper summer months before the nights start pulling in! What a depressing thought, sorry!!

Milkmaid said...

I am getting a bit down about the weather, just had a turn round the garden, quite depressed about the amount of jobs to do, not looking forward to the Yorkshire Show as much as usual, as it'll be splodging around in jeans and wellies, not the little summer dress I planned, pimms and G&T don't taste the same in the rain, but what am I moaning at, all those poor people in Hull and Doncaster
by the way the 15th is St Swithens day, so if does pick up then we are doomed

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