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Friday, 29 June 2007

blue skies & USB cables

I am sat here surrounded by cables & computers. No, l really am not a computer nerd, but you see, my accounts / payroll software update just doesn't want to run on my computer so, l've set the programme up on Harry's laptop, hence the cables, surplus mice & usb cables. It could have been a bit of a problem coming up to month end but all was saved by plastic box filled with chips!

Well, l think that that is quite enough of the boring bits that concern budgets actual or otherwise. A necessary evil which always gives me the queen of all headaches!

There has been no heavy rain for a few days now. Sunshine & breeziness to be exact. Flood water has receded, draining back to the dykes & drains. Low lying areas that had once upon a time been marsh or carr land have regressed to their medieval status. Long forgotten islands un-noticeable in a flat landscape have re-emerged, providing safe havens for livestock & birds.

Thanks to everyone who has voiced concerns about the flooding. we have been fine but P, our baking lady, has had the loss adjusters around today. Their report states that, well, firstly it is inadvisable to move back into the house due to contamination from polluted water & secondly the time scale for repairing & moving back home is around the Christmas mark. She is getting married in August. Need l say more?


Faith said...

O gosh poor baking lady, what a terrible shame. Your photos are so fresh and lovely.

muddyboots said...

mmmn, thanks for that. yea, the plaster will have to come off on all the walls up to a height of 1 metre in new money, then new kitchen, fixtures & fittings. nightmare.

Faith said...

That's really awful. A friend of Hub3's just came from Yorkshire to see him and got a call and had to go straight home again with the prospect of his home being flooded. It's a dreadful situ.

I came back to answer your question on my blog. This is voluntary very part-time work that I do and although it can be difficult, it's better than not doing anything to help I suppose. I can't just switch off, but I talk to Hub3 and I live in a VERY peaceful spot here - with a lovely garden, next to the river, my doves.... nature recharges me.

Anonymous said...

How awful. Nobody needs that do they.

I always find using the laptop such a pain. It's a great contraption of course and I know I'm lucky enough to own one but they're not like having a desk computer are they. Always having to fix this up and connect that. And then the keys are far too small for my clumsy fingers and I end up hitting all the wrong letters, taking twice as long to type anything.

My love and best wishes go out to the unfortunate people who have been caught up in all these floods. I hope they see sunshine soon.
Crystal xx

Woozle1967 said...

How terrible. And with a wedding too. It really brings it home how lucky we are when these kind of disasters are something you see on the TV or read in the news. But for a quirk of fate it could be any of us. Best wishes to all.x


Quelle bummer as the kids say!!! I was worried you might have been swept away so glad that you are home and dry!

Cait O'Connor said...

Glad you are safely warm and dry

Yorkshire Pudding said...

It is clearly a sign from the Lord that P should marry someone else! If she had made a different choice then the rest of Yorkshire would not have suffered these wrathful floods... Seriously though I do feel for the poor people whose homes were ruined in a few short hours. The pain of re-floorboarding, replastering, re-decorating, re-carpeting, drying out and the time involved - oh my God - I couldn't bear it.

Gwen said...

I'm so glad that you are OK but I really feel for Baking Lady - it must be so difficult for her and all the other people who have had their homes flooded.

Best wishes.

Milkmaid said...

Awful for the baking lady, we've just a big leak, nothing to do with the floods, they just whizzed thru the yard no where near the house, but obviously in sympathy the house seeems to be weeping from several places, plumber had almost daily visits to fix the leaks, touch wood we had the 3 now, was thinking of getting a lap top, instead of being tied to this place all the time - maybe not now

Suffolkmum said...

Poor lady -Christmas?!! Dreadful. I loathe using the laptop, I have to say, I always mistype on it.

Pondside said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is more or less getting back to normal for you. Sad news for your baking lady - I wouldn't wish that on anyone! I'm sure she'll have lots of support, but it will be a long, long time until Christmas.
I hope that the weather is undergoing a drastic change for you!

sally's chateau said...

Been wondering how you are up there, glad to hear water receeding, do so hope ice cream weather arrives FAST !

Anonymous said...

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