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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

such at lot of things........

l'm a bit late this evening but l have been having great fun.

Being a country sort of person l love falconry & this evening, in fact they're still out there, a friend of a friend of a friend has brought his Harris hawk & been hunting rabbits. l'm sorry if you are not keen on this sort of thing, but it's quite amazing to watch the skill of the falconer with the bird. So far nothing has been caught; the bird is having a blond moment apparently, even birds of prey get them, amazing or what? The chap is a true countryman with a fantastic turn of phrase, my favourite being as' mad as a box of frogs'. l just love it! Being keen to get visitors out on the permissive footpath so that they can learn about the countryside & what lives in this environment, we have decided to hold a couple of 'hawk walks' over the bank holiday at the end of the month, with Hawk Man bringing a selection from his 30+ birds & conducting the walk using a some sort of owl. Should be good.

Other firsts today, well l have seen my first swift of the year, whilst last night just off the beach the first terns were diving for sand eels. May rolls forward bringing with it all the accompanying animals & birds. l think that May has got to be my favourite month as it sees the return of so many migratory species together with the lush greenery of hedgerows & trees adorned with glorious blossoms.

l don't believe it. Today we have had not one but two heavyish downpours. Rain l had forgotten what it looked, smelt & felt like. The small birds have been taking advantage of puddles to give themselves a good wash! On the downside, there has been a strong westerly wind which
appears to be drying everything up. As you can see from the pictures, the change in weather has brought some fantastic skies. Here we get the large open sky thing, with no hills or mountains to hinder the views. Big Sky!

l have noticed an interloper on yesterday's blog comment. Fear not, l know who it is because the picture of all the little dahlings is posted on that someone's myspace!


WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

I used to look after birds of prey when I worked in a wildlife rescue . . . I came to love and respect them - but can't watch them hunt!

Milkmaid said...

We once hosted a childs birthday party that had a falconer, it was fascinating, i was amazed at the speed of the peregrines, we've had rain too, my golf game was a casulty, but kept others happy

Suffolkmum said...

I am fascinated by birds of prey. May is my favourite month too - especially now we've finally had some rain and it doesn't look quite so muc like August! Like others have said, I always get an ice-cream craving when I read your blogs.

rilly super said...

I met a harris hawk once. he ( or she) was sitting in a joiners workshop occasionally changing from one foot to the other, and being perfectly quiet and unflustered. what a splendid creature

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