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Monday, 7 May 2007

caught in the act...

So it was at the end of yet another busy day at mr moo's the staff were caught in the act of being daft in a public place by the boss's camera. Snapped.

It's quite amazing that the little devils had ANY energy left by 5 o'clock, but from somewhere deep in the reserves of extra ice cream & chocolate cake scraps they managed to find their after burners!

Hubby announced first thing that today would be fairly quiet because everyone had gone home so it might be an idea to reduce staff levels for the day. WRONG. It's been very. very, very busy all day. Loads of cappuccinos, mega moo's, cowpats, baguettes & panini. Not quiet, very busy. Glad l took no notice of his advice [as usual] especially as it hasn't rained. Not one drop. Nothing. The sky has been grey but as usual not one drop of precipitation. The drought continues.

From today's pictures, you will have observed that l have been a little snap happy whilst supposed to be doing work. I have noticed that the little darlings are often snapping away with their 'phones, the pictures later appearing on the teenage site myspace. Well, revenge is sweet say l. This one looking decidedly cross is 'mini moo' or Harry. Today he has been making sorbets; orange, lemon & mandarin which is wonderfully delicious!

This morning l discovered that l had been 'tagged'. Apparently this is not the play ground game but something to do with blogging & recommending your favourite blog sites so here's my Fab 6:-

Un Peu Loufoque

hope you all enjoy!



Oh Muddy I am touched how on earth do I tag though send instrucitons fast please!!

ps when are you going to start selling your ice cream in france !


Thanks for the destructions I will get HIM to do it for me..I didn't understand a word ..caution visual thinker coming through!!!

lixtroll said...

I simply do not know how you have the time to blog on top of everything else! It always, always makes me want to eat ice-cream when I come here.
And I am gobsmacked to be on your tag list!!!! thank you so much.
PS I have been meaning to say your profile is brill, I will do anything to avoid ironing I am awful at it

Pondside said...

Purple coo ice cream - yummy!! Your staff has my deep respect - after one afternoon of scooping ice cream I swore never again to take a scoop for granted.
You tagged me? Well I guess I'd better find out what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the picture boss, i must say i look amazing as per usual.

muddyboots said...

thanks sous chef!

Prudence said...

Interesting to know.

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