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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

short but sweet

this will have to be a quickie, so to speak as l have the pleasure of 40+ soroptomist coming in, let me hours time? Apparently a full member turnout is expected after having read about us in the local 'posh' monthly magazine. Tonight's agenda is supposed to be nature walk, ice cream factory visit plus refreshments, well... it's mizzling at the moment so prob. no walk. Trouble is l'm not sure that my brain is ticking over on full power, l have eaten too many red grapes & my stomach is making a rather nasty gurgling sound. Hell.

Harry's off to young farmers this evening, practising for the rally at the end of the month. We are selling ice cream at the rally & we have heard that the usual suppler is not happy that we are 'in' this year. Oh well, it's not what you know but who you know as they say. Ice Cream Wars The X-Box Game!

Been away from the spot all afternoon, enjoying the sights & smells of Hull & surrounding areas. Delivering into Hull Truck Theatre amongst other places. l often think that Hull must have been a fascinating place before it was flattened during the war. There are odd snippets of interesting architecture protruding out of the drab concrete buildings that are common place in all our big cities today, towers & turrets on Victorian buildings, amazing picture palaces now nothing more than bingo emporiums.

For those of you out there who are travelling to the Game Fair @ Harewood House at the end of July, we will be there as part of the deliciously yorkshire food area. l will take the blackberry slammer but will alter the name just for the show to........purplecoo.


Suffolkmum said...

Love the idea of the name change! Will be there in spirit only I'm afraid, a bit far for us. Enjoy your evening.


Oh save me some purple coo icecream!

Milkmaid said...

Sounds like Tom Archer and his sausage wars, hope things dont get so bad with other ice cream seller, I'm so looking forward to The Game Fair. last time we went at Harewood, the rabble were little and moany and it was soo hot, this year they'll be all lining up for a taste of purplecoo

Pondside said...

Just caught up with your last two blogs - loved the thought of the falconry. I like to watch the hawks and the eagles hunt here, as long as they're not hunting my hens!
I wish I could go to the fair and have some of the purple coo ice cream. I'll just have to go out and get some and think of you!

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Oh wonderful - thank you from all of us for changing the name for this event. Don't forget to wear your purple ribbon - although with icecream named Purplecoo how could anyone miss who you are.

KittyB said...

Hi there again - just popped in to catch up on the last few blogs. We're away for the Ryedale food festival (which is a great shame) but the Game fair sounds good. How can I not come and have a Purplecoo?

KittyB said...

And thanks for the tag - I'm ridiculously pleased with it! Chuffed.

lixtroll said...

Oh definitely, that blackberry slammer is the one that always gets me going and craving an ice cream!

PS if James Martin is there give him huge hug from me!!!

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