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Sunday, 6 May 2007

sweaty feet

Isn't it a truly wonderful sensation when you peel off your shoes exposing hot sweaty feet & wriggle sock clad toes in the air. Arghhhh. Don't worry, no ones about to complain, Harry's nipped round to friends to attempt the big tent putting up ceremony before Friday's camping trip & hubby's feeding the calves. Peace at last.

l really must be in the wrong job, l think in my next life l would like to be a deck chair attendant. Yep, you've guessed it... we've been heaving again. It was non stop from 2pm until closing. People diving to tables & chairs before they were even cleared & wiped. At one point l think there was about 15 orders for coffee & cakes when the fan gremlin blew the orders off their pegs just for a bit of extra fun.

Here we have 2 types of customers, the very nice, smiley ones & the huffers & puffers. The huffers & puffers are a rarity but like all good twitchers you can see them without the aid of binoculars. They tend to stand not exactly in the que, stare very hard at anyone in uniform then start huffing & puffing & looking exasperated as though they were the only ones waiting for service. We had such a species in today. It began huffing quite a long way out, then began puffing when told that the lady at the till would take the order, still not satisfied it began to chunter. Bad sign this. This species of animal can become very dangerous when even slightly roused. G worked well under pressure, took the order but, oh had to ....oh no.....wait until the order was made up which brought about even more huffing, puffing & chuntering. I think that it is about to become 'open season' for H.P.C.s so we'll be aiming to take a few pot shots as they pass by.

Talking about pot shots, we were rudely woken at 04.30 this morning by a violent hammering on the front door. Remember we don't live in the village, but along a country road. Right, there was a very strange man on the front door step asking that we ring the police because he was lost & it wouldn't cost us anything??? Hubby being a nice sort of chap duly did as asked. The man didn't wait, he just walked away, and did a policeman come?..........Nope. Not a siren, flashing light or an 'evening all', just the birds commencing the dawn corrus.


WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Oh dear it is true the more people I meet the more I like animals. The man that asked you to ring - did he give you a number to ring or did you ring the police - there is a scam going round where people say they have a problem and give you a number to ring . . which is a premium number and charges it to your phone bill. Scary I wouldn't have answered the door.

CJ said...

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When I was a young student at sea a Chief Steward gave me this advise, "always smile and then whilst still smiling lean very close and tell stroppy customer to F~~~ of"

He said that I looked so sweet and spoke in such a posh voice no one would believe I'd said it and if asked he would swear blind I didn't know the menaing of the word!

I have never used that advise but it does give me a nice feeling inside to smile heartily at stroppy sods as it annoys them no end when you are nice doesn't it!

Miles from civillization yes, adn are you implying I would even think of drinking the water!! What do you think wine is for !

Suffolkmum said...

Just been catching up as I have spent 2 whole days away from the computer, scary. THat man sounds very strange - agree with Weterwitch, animals are a safer bet!

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