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Sunday, 22 April 2007

So the list grows ever longer.

Isn't it amazing how many people are become purplecoos, is it something to do with the water or could it be some sort of computer virus?

Photo uploading: my camera um, had a what you could possibly call a slight accident last night so l borrowed Harry's, which incidentally has more pixels than mine, anyway, l couldn't upload straight from file but with his help & by uploading the pictures to the website photobucket all should be hunky dory, so to speak...hopefully, the pics are still up loading HARRY!!

l have taken several pictures of the beach, l has meant to do this yesterday evening but the light was very grey & made the place look cold. Well, l was prompted by the dirty beach article on the Today programme? As you can see the rubbish is in a 2m2 area & is mostly fishermens trash, ropes, crab pot markers, line [no hooks], a bit further down it was plastics. The beach here runs down from Bridlington in the north down to Spurn Point which sticks out into the mouth of the Humber, l would imagine that this sort of detritus is common all down the coast. Oh, that's Gordon
snuffling in the background.
As you can see, the upload via photobucket has worked, thank you Harry!
The caravan rally people have all gone now which gave Hubby the chance to play on his big boys toy, industrial lawn mower, [no jokes], its rather large, opps, you know the ones that the council use? Anyway, bless him, he has got all caravan site, road side & footpath grasses cut AND he has picked up the rubbish that just seems to escape from peoples cars neatly ties up in plastic bags or abstractly hurled with gay abandon at the hedgerows.
I have noticed that there are a few waitresses out there, l tell you what, l could have done with some help today, god it's been bloody mad. We were 3 men down because harry & Jess were at the driving competition with Young farmers, & they didn't win or should l say the club didn't, plus another was away then another youngster was suffering from a broken heart, l did offer her a band aid but she just slunked off quietly to die alone & unloved....until next week. So by 5pm we were worn right down to our knees which certainly made the last stragglers do a double take.
Thank you boy - l have just been handed by son his assessment booklet thingy and as his employer l'm supposed to fill it in , hmmm, ok,ok sorry folks l'll have to stop & catch up with you all later. Bye for now!
PS: Spell checks - if you click on ABC on the tool bar, incorrect spelling are highlighted in yellow, if you left click on the word a drop down appears offering a choice of correct spellings. You need to click on the green text 'done spelling check' once you've finished.


muddyboots said...

ok so where's the double spacing, l have been messing about with the blog & l think it's something to do with the pictures, oh and by the way if you click on the beach ones, they enlarge & you can see the rubbish better.

Pondside said...

MMMMMM - delicious ice cream, yummy beach scene, gorgeous dogs. I love the way the pictures come out so clear on this site. Thanks for the spell check tip!

Inthemud said...

Like the photos!You have been busy!

countrymousie said...

Wonderful pics - I clicked on one by mistake and it came up huge.... gave me quite a shock.
I shall just gaze at the icecream with my dairy intolerances. Ah....
Happy blogging

KittyB said...

Sorry - asked a question then did a bunk. Sam Turner's is agrictultural merchants in Northallerton with the best cafe in our area. Well, I have to say that, I set it up. Worth a visit next time you need to stock up on bailer twine and wellies!


My spelling is so of the board the spell check just says "what?" .

Loe icecream of course and dog on beach!


Oh Lord lets try that again shall we ?
My spelling is so off the board the spell check just says "what?" .

Love photos of ice cream of course and dog on beach!

That better ? yep, think so..

Woozle1967 said...

What a small world! Daffs were great and coincided with the proper official daffodil weekend this year (last year they were late!). My nan was from Staithes, so you've gone up to an area she came from and I've moved to the area you did! Great pics too!x

annakarenin said...

See you have been busy and the site looks great. Glad I caught you coming through (sounds like old days urgggh!!!) Litterbugs grrr, loved the beach photo I miss not living by one even though parts of ours were pretty much glogged up with rubbish mainly plastic or builders pallets(used to take them home for DIY projects)

CAMILLA said...

Thank you for message. Wow, you have your hands full with all those animals. Lovely pics by the way. Could you send some icecream over this way please, thank you.

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