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Monday, 23 April 2007

Can 1 have too much coffee?

This morning, bright & early the sun was shinning, blue sky, birds
singing , well that was until about 10.00 when it clouded over. The forecast has said rain but as yet l would say there's been about 3 spits, & small ones at that. I saw from Milkmaid's blogg there has been rain further inland, OK send some this way please!

I have spent rather a lot of time on the computer today as have rather a lot of other purplecoo'ers. Have we nothing better to do? I tease Harry about being on MSN for hours, well, um, it would appear that this computer stuff is rather addictive. Is there a rehab clinic somewhere out there?

On a more serious note, for those out there who are keen to support people like me, hic, please follow this link It is about supporting local food producers, there are pamphlets available [l have some] plus really cool badges which everyone here has been wearing with the slogan 'try a local'. ok ok no jokes thank you very much. But yes, have a look & think road miles & lovely, wonderful local food.

Hubby has disappeared again, must be another woman, this time heading south after contact from new potential customer. Keep you fingers crossed. There is quite a lot to do in the next few days as I NEED TIME OFF, l have set the staff rota & am now nagging Hubby that l would really like to go to the Lake District for a few days, just to visit Lakeland Plastics of course. There is a really lovely guest house the other side of Lake Windemere that has 2 AA rosettes for food, it's wonderfully quiet with fantastic scenery. l had never been to the Lake District, in fact l had never been north of Birmingham till l move to Yorkshire, as kids we used to go to France or south west Ireland for holidays, but l just love the mountains, lakes & trees. Er, l haven't booked anything yet but, well nothing may come of the planning. hmmmm.

You may have noticed that l am writing this a bit earlier, well actually, a lot earlier than normal, you see l am rather full of caffeine, too many double cappuccinos. This morning was a bit heavy, l was somewhat dopey after a busy weekend & my brain was meant to be concentrating on this current year's cash flow, hence the caffeine, well l am awake now and just can 't stop fidgeting. I have taken Lucy-Piglet & Gordon for 2 walks, the last being just as the 3 spits of rain fell, l've done some invoices, printed out some rude letters to late payers & am now looking for some other mischief to create. My god, can one have too many coffees?

Masoud today, well, l ask you, poor chap. As you may know he has purchased a 'new' car. Apparently he had baulked at opening his purse, so Hubby said, anyway, today he is having second thoughts. 'The insurance has gone up, the road tax, the petrol, OOOOOh'. This moaning went on for about an hour, until Hubby, sensible Yorkshire chap, worked out that it would cost an extra £5.00 per month to run. 'Oh', said Masoud. l tell you what Iranians are not much different from Yorkshire farmers when to comes to money. Oh, yes did l not tell you he was Iranian? A religious refugee & he desperately would like to meet a nice young lady, not too fat, not too thin, not too short, not too tall......hmmmm.


Woozle1967 said...

You're getting too good at this - your site looks fab. As does the cow pat, er, icecream.xx

muddyboots said...

ha, thanks woozle1967! l call it therapy.

Milkmaid said...

Hope you get your break in The Lakes, I don't wish to rub it in, but we have had more rain
Good idea putting the try local link, all my veg box cutomers have all got badges and car stickers

Withy Brook said...

Love your home. And all the pictures. I shall come back another day to use the link - such a good idea. We've got several farm shops round about, selling Northumbian produce - on is National Trust and sells meat from the Wallington estate.


Ah my clock is set to Narnia time zones, if I knew how to change it I would !

Pondside said...

I hope you get your planned holiday! Re your young friend who is coming to BC. The mosquito situation will depend on where she goes. On the Island we don't have mosquitos, but in the north and n the Kootenay there are lots! How old is she? I think that kids here dress very much like kids in the UK - jeans, shorts, t-shirts and hoodies. Summer is easy that way. She is welcome to email me if she wants to.

Pondside said...

Hi again - I have a 20 year old daughter so my advice re clothes isn't totally off the wall, in case your friend is worried! I'm pretty observant!

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