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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Saturday - a new day & new dawn...

.......well actually it's now evening in real money! I had a quick look at the purplecoo this am & was amazed at how many friends are appearing & joining the rebels, it's quiet fantastic to think that only a few days ago we were all plodding on with that awfully s - l - o - w cl site, waiting for a single picture to upload, & now, well loads of pictures, & certainly for me, writing away is much less constricting!

Harry thinks that I'm mad, well OK l know that but did he have to point it out quiet so clearly, 'mother blogging whatever next? Utube next week is it?'. As for hubby, he just wonders what he married all those years ago. But what is most important to me, is that it gets me away from the busy lifestyle & really helps me to switch off from the work load, besides there is nought on the telly like.

The ice cream parlour today, see l can be more open, [have you checked the web site link?] has been real busy. i must have done 60+ lunches today, loads of giant butter beans [greek style], pitta & somerset brie on the orders. A manic 2 hours! Today was the turn of another potential summer worker to go through the ordeal of interview by working. Well, you'll be pleased to note that he passed the test with flying colours, extremely polite & well spoken though Masoud, who works in the ice cream parlour on saturdays, was a bit put out by his [the hew guy] hair, ok a bit raster, but what dreads between friends. A clean tidy, presentable young chap who will go far!

Harry has nipped off to a bar b q with friends after finishing with his girlfriend of all of 2 weeks last night, apparently she was just too lazy??? He has a lot to learn about girls me thinks. Well tomorrow he is off to do tractor handling & landrover driving representing his young farmers club while one of his mates, who was last in the practice on Wednesday, will be dressing up as a dog to take part in '1 man & his dog' as l understand it, she will be blindfold & have to follow instructions by whistle! should be fun.

If anyone wants to ask any questions regarding whats happening in the field of agriculture [dairy] please ask away & I will try to answer your questions in a totally uinbiased [hic] way.

bye for now!! keep in touch folks!


@themill said...

Daughter heading your way on Monday. Dairy farms - don't miss that pong one bit! Great new community eh what?

Milkmaid said...

I absolutly agree about answering farming questions, especially as we can be a bit more specific, there's also I'd like to learn from the others
Will give photos ago tomorrow, still feeling a bit dizzy, which is poo as I can't really have drink tonight

sally's chateau said...

Maybe we can talk proper rural issues and farming here x

KittyB said...

Have a day off, get yersen over Northallerton way and come and see my glorified mud patch - then you won't get all misty eyed about gardens any more! It's dreadful.

KittyB said...

Oh yes, we have Betty's, damn fine but v expensive. Do you know Sam Turner's?

Un peu Loufoque said...

It looks wonderful I love your site!

I am still wondering if the ice cream would travel this far in an envelope.

It looks yummy.

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