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Friday, 20 April 2007

back to the normal routine

Normally at this time of day, after supper, l sit down at my PC & start bashing at keys watching the words appear describing what has happened in this part of the world or anything that has really annoyed me of late. Now that l have changed my blog site stuff, l am continuing with the tradition.

Today has been a real flurry of excitement with blogs flying hither & thither as people have picked up westerwhitch's lead & followed bravely into the unknown. Country dwellers unite against the injustices of glossy magazines. wow.

Hubby & harry have both been delivering ice cream today with hubby travelling up to Danby with small pots again, this also enabled Masoud to collect his 'new' car. Apart from the lads being off out, life has been rather dull, until lunch time when after a quick email check, l discovered things were happening a fast pace of knots. After about an hour figuring out how to set up this blogg & sending messages to those rebels who had found their way to westerwhitch's den of intrigue life has exploded into new possibilities.

Tonight i have had to light the woodburner as the temperature is not very warm, but tomorrow, hey presto, it's going to be 19C, wow, we'll be busy tomorrow me thinks. The caravan rally people are all here. They're a strange lot, parked all in rows, with pennants flying not exactly singing round the campfire like.

well too much excitement for one day so back to the old glass or vin de pays d'oc, hic


elizabethm said...

love your photos and how quickly you have adapted to the new world!

sally's chateau said...

Great blog and lovely pics, yesterday REM played 'Losing my religion' just as I was 'switching over' x

muddyboots said...

this could be adictive you know! oh yes & everyone is being very artistic on there new sites!

KittyB said...

hello! My blog's disappeared from my username bit so I'm a bit lost, I'm sure it will all work out. You seem to have got the hang of it all!

lixtroll said...

Hello Muddyboots, wow your page is looking great today and fab photo! Look forward to more soon!

muddyboots said...

i have set the mini moo picture too large, medium setting is just too big, small one next.

Urban Chick said...

ooh la la

the ice cream photo is making me drool over my keyboard!

hello from a friend of eden's!

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