Follow the fortunes of Muddyboots & Family on their East Yorkshire farm which has changed from dairy farm to luxury ice cream manufacture

Friday, 20 April 2007

The first day

I am fairly new to this blogging stuff, but had really enjoyed churning out rubbish on the Country Living web blog, however all was not as it seem, there were rumblings in the milking parlour, grumblings on the village green, the bloggers writing compeition was not as it seemed. A countryside revolt was to be carried out, and those rebels find themselves here in various guises. Beware the glossy magazine showing luxury kitchens, fancy recipes & country show houses. Keep to your wellies, your dog that eats anything dead, forget the fired earth tiles be true to your roots. We may be country folk but we aren't not a daft as you think, hic


lixtroll said...

Hello muddyboots, how lovely to see you here with all your lovely pics!

muddyboots said...

thanks lixitroll, i see your getting the hang of it too!!

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