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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Only a few days left

I hadn't realised that it was over a month ago that l last hit the New Post button on Blogger. It's been busy. Usually, this time of year we have time to slow down, relax, put our feet up. This year, well no. The Shop has been steady away, which is normal, but the wholesale has been busy. Our theatre customers & farm shops have been very busy, in fact, we are all but sold out of the Christmas pudding flavour! That's good.

The schools break up this Friday for Christmas, so we will remain open this Monday & Tuesday, closing for the Christmas holidays on 23rd, reopening on the following Tuesday, closing again, just for the day on New Years Day. We have had notices up to let customers know for the past month, but l expect someone will try to get in on Boxing Day! Hey Ho!

The sheep:- well what about them? These lot of fluffy anarchist seem to do nothing but escape, they make Shaun the Sheep look like an amateur! Under electric fences, barging at gates, squeezing through tight spaces that no sheep should attempt to squeeze! The Great Escapees these little lot! It started with just one sheep, Hilda, she with the wall eye; she was out, all alone, walking the farm walk. Two days later, there was Hilda and friend walking along the path. By the end of the week she was calmly munching away with a dozen compatriots. Yes, we kept checking the electric fence; we caught her last week, walking under the galvanized gate, pushing it high on its hinges as she went! We have moved the soggy baggages into new pasture, and yes they have escaped, well only Hilda & Maud so far, who l have caught 3 times trimming the short grass in the caravan park!

So, this is it, Christmas. Time fly's by when your having fun. Have sort of got into the pre-Christmas thing following a 'moving into new house' visit to Sallyschateau in Carcassonne, ice rinks and ferris wheels, penguins and polar bears NOT forgetting the tres chic elderly lady who wore huge sunglasses at night whilst on top of her head, perched at a jaunty angle, a jet black fedora.

Happy Christmas!


Sallys Chateau said...

The fedora will look out of place then in Yorkshire ? Have yourself a very Merry Christmas at Mr Moo's !! Ho Ho Ho

Wipso said...

Sounds like you will be glad of a rest. Have a great Christmas.
A x

her at home said...

Gosh I missed the arrival of the sheep when did that happen! Are you going to do Ewe Yoghurt and icecream !

Pondside said...

I missed the sheep too!
Christmas pudding ice cream......mmmmm haven't heard about that over here but I'll bet it's delicious.
Glad to hear that you'll have some time off to put your feet up and relax during Christmas.

Tattie Weasle said...

Well the baaaagers either escape or die for no apparent reason - still want to get some more one day, when I have a bit more land! Have a happy and relaxing Christmas!

Bluestocking Mum said...

Yummy - christmas pudding flavour how lovely. I'm pleased that side is busy for you and long may it continue.

Thanks so much for the lovely card - Callum keeps replaying it!
I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and 2010. Have a good rest - you deserve it.

Much love

ChrisH said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours. Cx

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