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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Christmas food & Harry

It's strange isn't it how once Halloween is over and done with, the shops decided that its 'time for Christmas'. Our farm shop & garden centre customers have been transformed into Santa's Magical Wonderland, all twinkly lights, ho ho ho's & scrumptious looking hampers, overflowing with the epicurean delights that are Christmas.

I am one who feels Christmas is at Christmas not 6 weeks before, but, we have to prepare and make those festive flavours that plump out our order books at this time of the year. Yes, ice cream is an all year round delicacy, so this year we are making Christmas pudding, cranberry & redcurrant, marzipan and cointreau & orange flavoured ice cream. So far, the Christmas pud & the cranberry are the favourites with our customers. I have noticed that many of the food magazines are featuring Christmas pud ice cream in their festive menus. Good choice!

Returning my previous blog, Harry was amazed at all the responses, he doesn't feel as though he is any different to anyone else, such modesty. Someone asked how we had managed to get Harry motivated, how much push and shove had we given him. The truth is, in fact, we did very little, no not being cruel or neglectful, but explaining that a] this was the problem, b] this is how you can learn to cope and adapt to dyslexia & finally c] we can't make you do this but everything is in place ready for you to try. I know that computer games are slammed by so many 'experts' but we have found playing them in Harry's case, really jumped started his reading and comprehension, because he HAD to read & HAD to understand the on-screen instruction, oh and then there are the benefits to the hand eye co-ordination. He tried. He tried so hard, A's for effort, not so good for exams but you can't win all the time now can you? It's hard with exam results, your friends tell you how well their offspring are doing at school, 'little Freddy has got straight A's', it's normal, parents boast. You just have to let go, ignore little Freddy's results, and smile. Everything is a bonus, you know how much effort it takes to get a D grade, for Harry, he has been spared the pressure of getting good grades in readiness for university, he was able to enjoy his teens.

Well, there you are then, a quick little bit of extra concerning Harry, who has been busy making mango sorbet today. Just don't give up or let them give up, but what ever you do, don't take the fun out of learning by pushing, it's a bit like schooling a young horse, you don't want to present it to a fence beyond it's current ability and over face it, putting it off for ever.


Wipso said...

Thanks for sharing a bit about Harry with us. I'm sure others in similar situations will benefit. A x

Elizabethd said...

What a sensible post . Dont give up, dont push, but judt do all you can in a background sort of way to encourage and boost the self esteem.
Wish you could send your Christmas ice cream over here!

Friko said...

whatever it is you are doing, you are obviously doing the right thing. A dyslexic friend of ours can't tell his right from his left, but, boy, can he draw and paint.

Sallys Chateau said...

He approves of having his photo posted up then ? next thing you know you'll be running his fan club !! A most sensible approach, if only more parents would stop getting their knickers in a twist because their offspring don't 'fit the mould'

her at home said...

Here here all around and I am begging you please as one dyslexic to another start an export business and SEND CHRISTMAS ICECREAM TO FRANCE!!!I am sure there is a market here you know!!

Tattie Weasle said...

Definately start a Harry Fan Club! The Boy has difficulties too with his Absence seizures and is having learning support. In many ways it's a blessing in disguise as you said - Harry was able to enjoy his teenage years without the pressure of having to get the Top marks (not saying that he wasn't working his damdest of course). I like the idea that I an opt out of the rat race and allow The Boy that chance too - though perhaps without the beer as he's only 6!

Pondside said...

Your chest should be puffed up to a huge size! Way to go, Harry!
Does he know how lucky he is to have such a sane and sensible mother?

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