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Thursday, 29 October 2009

half term is almost over

Here we are then, closing days of October 2009, half term nearly at an end but, the weather, so very un-Octoberish. Temperatures in the high teens. No frosts or early snow, just blue skies and sunshine. Hells teeth l am not complaining. Mr Moo's has had a good week with visitors, both regulars and newbies paying us a visit, coming for that special treat or for top up on ice cream, any guilt about those calories being erased by a gentle walk down to the beach along the farm walk.

It has been a pretty good summer for our wholesale customers too as holiday makers indulge in this year's trend of 'staycation'. In fact, Hippy Shake in Whitby is looking forward to a major ghoulish weekend, serving up such delicately named flavours as 'blood n guts' and 'bramble stoker'. Whitby, to the uninitiated is not only home to the most exquisite fish & chips but also to Dracula who can been seen most days stalking through the town followed by his acolytes, dressed to impress in layers of black & grey wearing the most incredible gothic footwear that looks more like surgical boots than jimmy choo!

So, there you go. A busy week for everyone, here on the coast. Families enjoying quality time together, a walk along the sea front combined with a bucket & spade day, something simple & fun. Memories are made of this, it may not be the Mediterranean, but the weather has been glorious and the English pound buys so very much more than the Euro!

PS: the first picture is of the new fish restaurant in Leeds, Nash's on Merrion Street.


Pondside said...

I wonder what Blood 'n Guts ice cream looks like.....and what does it taste like? The mind boggles!

ChrisH said...

I love your Halloween-themed (and Dracula, of course) goodies, bound to be a great success. Our auntumn weather here's been better than our summer.

her at home said...

All sounds like jolly good fun and great memories for all the families who indulge!! I may just have to make some blood and guts icecream for my two littlest vampires!

Tattie Weasle said...

Yup - Blood n Guts. Raspberries and ....nope lost me what on earth is in blood and guts: sounds seriously horrid but I bet it will be delicious!

muddyboots said...

blood n guts is, well, cherry with cherry sauce, reddish with ozzy red bits, then bramble stoker, that's blackberry with white chocolate chunks! scary!

Twiglet said...

We had some great weekends and holidays in Whitby when we lived in Howden. Apart from the fabulous scenery and picturesque town, G always enjoyed seeing the fashions etc in the Goth weekend.

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