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Monday, 21 September 2009

So where has Summer gone then?

Phew, that was jolly fast, not my car doing 100mph, but the summer. it really has been a full on one, what with the stay-cations and fine August. Now, as l sit here in the office, stuffing remittance advices into envelopes whilst trying to locate the stamps, l actually have time to write something!

Certainly we have had a pretty busy time, not just in the ice cream parlour but also with the caravan site AND of course the wholesale side of the business too. Harry & Jenny were kept on their toes making ice cream five days a week whilst deliveries were flying out up & down the coast and inland to the West Riding. In fact we were having to nip up as far north as Whitby twice a week! And now? Well things are slowing down, the parlour is still busy on a weekend but weekdays are pleasantly copeable, affording time to do big chats to customers and generally enjoying life! I wonder how the winter months will do?

So, back to work then, l am refreshed after a week once again in Corfu, coming back on Friday. Villa was lovely, food was aMazing the Eucalyptus in Agg Steff is the favourite at the moment, with Taverna Agni coming a close second though there did seem to be rather a lot of Russians about with their, um, companions lolling around Agni in various stages of undress. Poor FIL didn't know where to look, though it would appear Harry most certainly did!

Anyway, just a brief scribble as you can see, but no doubt more will appear here over the coming weeks as l spend less time playing accounts and more times surfing ebay and planing next year's Corfiot holiday, must check flights................


Pondside said...

Poor Harry and FIL should be watched for the neck and eye problems that sometimes come after a beach holiday!
Hasn't it been a full summer? Our started off wet too, then sequed into a glorious two month binge of sunshine.

Elizabethd said...

Corfu sounds wonderful, no wonder you are planning the next escape.

her at home said...

next time take me and leae FIl at home, much better for his blood pressuer!

Bluestockingmum said...

Ah, good to see you blogging again.
Sounds another wonderful holiday.

ChrisH said...

I'm so glad you had some time to relax in the sun after looking after all the tourists enjoying themselves in the... occasional glimpse of sun - or almost none in w.Wales until the last fortnight.

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