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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Late September

Just when you think that the warmth of the summer months has gone, you are surprised by a last blast of the sun's warmth, although the nights are now drawing in and the evenings cooler, the days feel warm and balmy. The Indian Summer. September, which last year was wet and dank topped by the global down turn, has been replaced this year with a warm & very, very dry September

Already the skies and stubble fields are proving welcome resting stations for the flocks of pink footed geese that noisily swoop low over head, making their final approach into wind to roost over night on the Cliff Top field which as yet has not been cultivated and thanks to the combine misfunction seems to have plenty of wheat left on the ground.

The hedgerows too seem to be enjoying a bumper harvest, along the farm walk the rowans are positively groaning under the weight of their glossy berries, hips & haws make up the contingent of the brilliants reds whilst the blackberries & elderberries tempt in the small flocks of birds with their juicy, sweet fruit. Thistles that we left for the wildlife are now awash with frothy white seed heads providing a welcome snack bar for the gold finches which provide a flash of bright colour as they flit from plant to plant. The hedgerows seem to be at their noisiest what with the twittering and chirping of the frantically feeding bird. The countryside is at its peak, a mad flurry of fruit & seeds, falling leaves and migrating birds, a rush before the slowing down of life in the approaching winter months.


Elizabethd said...

It's one of the best times for bird life here too, goldfinch in the Cosmos, finches of all sorts starting on the Cotoneaster and pyracantha berries, and sparrows just feeding indiscriminately. It makes the end of Summer a bit easier, I suppose.

bodran... said...

It's a lovely month, i love your berry pictures they look good enough to eat..I'm closeing soon so i can go home and make the most of this sunshine..x

her at home said...

I do love this time of year, here every scrap of unproductive land, thos odd shapes by roads and in unbuilt on patches in the villages, has been planted with wild flowers by the communes and the place is vibrant with late flowering wild flower meadows and cosmos

ChrisH said...

Thank you for helping me get into an autumn mood - the summer here has been so wet and miserable that September hasn't been as welcome this year as I usually find it. I've been trying to get there and your post and elizabethm's have helped.

bradan said...

Love your berry pics, I do miss having hedges and all the wee birds in them.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Yes, this September has been lovely - like September should be. It has surely got to be one of the driest Septembers ever but search as I might on the net I can't find a website that provides you with simple monthly records - driest, hottest, wettest etc..

Bluestocking Mum said...

We were out getting the last of the hedgerows this weekend - few brambles, last of damsons and rosehips. Goodness knows what I'm going to do with them yet.

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