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Saturday, 7 July 2007

tagged, l reveal some secrets?

thanks to inthemud for the tagging bit, muddyboots are definitely something to help when you are in the mud! So, the name of the tag is - '5 things to help keep you +ve when your down in the dolrums'. I feel a bit like being back at school writing 1o things l did in my summer hols.

firstly, l do feel a bit of a fraud really, because, well, l rarely get down in the dumps, so to speak. Either l'm very lucky, fibbbing or one of those horriblely annoying happy clappies that are permanently grinning even when they're cracking inside. Actual l'm none of these you'll be please to know, just me, take it or leave it, that's it.

So what keeps me compus mentus then? Well, basically l'm happy in my own skin, l don't hancker after being someone else or living another lifestyle & l don't care what people think of me. l have the annoying habit of being able to size a person up within minutes of meeting them, and l'm rarely wrong, oh, & l don't tolerate idiots. Perhaps then l am a horriblely annoying person?

My first suggestion is, yes be happy with yourself, take opportunities as they come, live life to the full. We only get one crack at this life so you've really got to go for it, never put off things for tomorrow, do it NOW & leave the past to the past, you can't do anything about yesterday. l think l'm what you would call an adrenaline junky?

Next, solitude. Long walks on the beach with dogs. Sitting on the rocks gazing out to sea, focusing on nothing.........

Holidays: an absolute must. A place to relax & renew the soul. My photos are here on my computer with screen saver set to slide show, always reminding me of place visited.

Laughter. Always see the funny side of things & be able to laugh at yourself! As human beings we do & say the most silliest of things!

And finally, what else keeps me on the right side of the doldrums? Having a bloody good stomp about when feeling cross or in a foul temper.

l know that these points don't really answer the question & not having suffered from depression l find it difficult to imagine what l would do in that situation. l do hope that this isn't too much of a disappointment, but well that's me, sorry.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your facts, they are very similar to the ones I would write. I think in this crazy world we are lucky to be at peace with our lives.

Crystal xx

FunkyMunky said...

I thought they were all great. Your views give a totally different perspective from someone who may be or have been depressed and I believe that can only be a good thing!!

Gwen said...

I loved this post. Have you ever considered writing a self help type book - if not your should - your ideas are wonderful.

muddyboots said...

well that's an idea? my grammer & punctuation would need to improve a little bit l think...

Pondside said...

Muddy, I like the way you seem forthright and honest. Acknowledging one's blessings are just as important as acknowledging one's crosses. I really liked your blog today!

sally's chateau said...

You sound a very easy going person to me, yep, i like the cut of your gib !!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Rumpy pumpy goes unmentioned? This is surely the number one stress-relieving habit of East Yorkshire farming lasses! At least it was when I lived there... they were so demanding they drove me out!

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