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Monday, 14 May 2007

the stuff nigthmares are made of...

You expect you off spring to show some semblance of a] common sense & b] responsibility. You bring them up, instilling in them the sense of practicality, sensibility, confidence, reliability & a least some vestige of common sense. l know that we all have to learn the hard way through mistakes & errors but when you are responsible for people younger than your self, you do need to behave in an adult like manner.

OK, l hear the cyber brains clicking away. WHAT has he done?

Let us just say there was an accident on the way back last night. Don't panic nothing serious. Something so stupid that all parents blew multiple fuses simultaneously. l suppose when you are a fully fledged adult you think ahead a few hours. If you are in excess of 4 hours drive away from base camp you plan to leave in good time thus avoiding any late night travel for example. When you are under 20, these things just don't priorities, just as long as you leave sometime.

Are you getting the picture?

The jolly camping party left Hawkshead at around 3.00pm, just as the weather was starting to deteriorate. Harry is, for the most part, fairly sensible, so l guess he thought they should be back at around 7'ish especially as he has exams on the whilst Jess & Geo are at back to school on Monday.


l rang Harry's mobile, not nosey mother, at around 8 to be told there had been an accident, nothing serious but Ben had run into the back of Harry.

At 9.30 no news. Parents start ringing round. Where are they? Contact made with errant children. They were now about 20 miles away. Last night it was torrential rain & high winds. Ben's car had a hole in the radiator. They were going to tow it back. At this point Hubby steps in. Being a Virgo he is always calm, however when he blows it is on a scale of Krakatoa. 'No way', he bellowes down the phone, 'it is too dangerous. Park up in someone's stack yard or drive, explain the situation come home'.

10.30 came & went.

11.00 came & went.

11.30 harry returned. Ben had driven back, filling his radiator every 2 or 3 miles after letting his engine cool down.

Nightmare of nightmares. I was not amused, Hubby was not amused, other parents were definitely not amused, Harry was thoroughly pissed off.

Today, after a few very strong coffees, we, the adults, have climbed down off the ceilings. Harry has completed his exams, uploaded his pictures onto the PC, & complained of feeling sick, headachey etc, etc. The 48 hour flu bug l think?
Let's hope they have all learned from the experience & climbed a rung on the ladder to being an adult.
And, where had they been? Had they enjoyed themselves? How had the camping gone?


Posie Rosie said...

Glad they all got back safely, what a nightmare.

Inthemud said...

Oh dear, what a bad end to a lovely weekend break. Glad no one hurt though.

Wizzard said...

Poor you - all the fretting. But I bet the boys thought they were doing the right thing getting the car back and didnt realise how much you would be fretting about them.

annakarenin said...

I see where looms my future and it looks scary. Atleast they got back safely in the end but oh the worry.


Goodness I did not know that was a virgo trait thought it was just me. Isnt it annoying when they get too big to bring them to heal with with a stern look!! I bet chief patissier would have been doing the same with teh car mind you. some lads never grow up I warn you!!

Suffolkmum said...

Oh no I've got all this to come ... I'm glad they got back safely in the end though.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hello there nice lady from my East Yorkshire homeland. I don't know how you happened upon my blog but thanks for dropping by albeit in your muddyboots! I am guessing that harry is your son. What exam was he taking? General Studies resit? Where are you in the East Riding anyway? I was born in the middle of it. In Leven. Do you know it?

Pondside said...

Oh boy - BOYS! There can't be a worry worse than the worry when your kids are in limbo somewhere between here and there. Thank goodness there was no harm done and all are safely home. Don't you wish these lessons left you with fewer wrinkles and grey hairs???

Pondside said...

Hi again - meant to say, in answer to your question of what was on my bagel - it was cream cheese and salmon. Very yummy!

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