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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Busy busy busy

Second week in February, wow, doesn't time fly when you're busy!  The past weeks have seen Team Moo busy with data bases, new customers, inventions of new flavours and trying to remember what day it is.

The Ice cream Parlour remained open during the winter months, closing only during the heaviest of snow & lowest of temperatures.   With an improvement of weather trade is building up week by week as weekend visitors and day trippers return to the coast.  The Traditional Yorkshire breakfasts have proved popular with us taking part in the Farmhouse Breakfast week at the end of January.   

The Caravan Club CL site bookings are coming along nicely, with Easter being fully booked.  This year the CL site is for adults only but, small people, do not worry as  the Rally Field has been  re-named the Family Field, a whole field to play and run about in.

The Moo Experimenters have been in action too, with new flavour suggestions being made by our Facebook & Twitter followers; so probables for 2011 include chocolate orange and white choccy chunk with a red berry, perhaps raspberry or strawberry, haven't decided yet.

Mini Moo & JD have just started their Advanced Apprenticeship work through East Riding College, so hopefully by the time they finish their course they will know everything about, well everything!

We have some good new outlets & customers for the coming year and are actively looking for a distributor in the South to supply Mr Moo's Real Dairy Ice Cream to a growing number of inquiries from Southern England.  Will be announcing new tourists attractions stocking Mr Moo's in the near future, we will also be doing a press release to coincide.

This is only a quick doodle as my brain is somewhat higgledy piggledy and my spelling and grammar are even worse than normal, perhaps because as l sit in the office blogging, answering the phone / emails whilst listening to Steve Wright in the Afternoon l am just not too good at multi-tasking [but don't tell anyone please]?  So as l close, please watch this space over the coming weeks to keep abreast of what is happening down here on the farm and if you have any suggestions for interesting flavours, please feel free to comment away!


Pondside said...

You have been busy!
Good luck with those delicious-sounding new flavours. I'll have to think about ice cream flavours as I go about my work on this chilly day.

Elizabethd said...

As long as you dont follow Heston and produce something flavoured with snails, you'll be fine.

muddyboots said...

no snails but would be itersted insome Canadian favourite flavours

Un Peu Loufoque said...

What about Bacon and eggs flavoured Ice cream to go on pancakes ?? No? Well perhaps not...but my you have all been very busy this winter.

muddyboots said...

we've done a fish n chippy moo sundae does that count?

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