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Friday, 20 August 2010

Ladybirds& Filming

Now that the summer season is in full swing bringing with it busy roads and grid locked coastal towns, it is sometimes easy to forget that the farming calender continues to creep along in between rain showers.  Yesterday saw the last field of winter wheat being combined and field headlands baled before the evening's drizzle called a halt to the contractor's square bale machine.  

It always amazes me just how quickly the flocks of geese home in on the newly combined fields, a few small family groups soon become large, sociable  flocks honking loudly to one another as they come into land, an amazing sight as the evenings start to draw in, these large birds just skimming over the barn roofs, altering their pitch and air speed as they glide down onto the stubble.

Harvest also brings with it insects.  Some are OK others are not so.  Thunder bugs, great clouds of them swirl about your head, crawling everywhere on your person when you venture outside, wasps - certainly this is their month - don't they just seen to be all over this summer, haven't found any nests apart from the one that was smashed when the muck spreaders were here, but they just seem to love mr moo's, must be the ice cream?  Have you noticed the ladybirds yet? These little red & black bugs seem to be enjoying the coast, just keep munching away on green fly and other pests please, l noticed this morning that they were all over one of the rubbish bins, a black bin covered in moving red dots!

No, don't believe it, have a few moments of doing nothing time & the dogs start woofing, someone at the door, who needs a door bell when Gordon & Lucypiglet let rip with volleys of deep barks every time a stranger approaches their door.   I was going to write how busy Haz and Jen have been, well you know that, the car park that's been full most days as well, then there was an article in The Guardian newspaper plus the added excitement of the approaching Bank Holiday closely followed by the BBC filming scenes for a new adaptation of Winifred Holby's South Riding.   So not a lot happening really.

The above photo is of Haz and Jen plus calf.  They are posing, holding tubs of ice cream for a publicity shot, if you live in Yorkshire you may well see this pinned at point of sale in the ice cream display freezers belonging to Tesco.


her at home said...

travelling across from France toTurkey it was interesting to see how advanced the harvest was on the Greek Turkish border all safely gathered in and yet here last night the combines were still in full swing. Flies are our bug of the season!

mountainear said...

Harvest is going on all around us too though mostly on the lower land. Up here lambs are being weaned in order to take that final trip to market. (Those first nights are heartbreaking with the baas and bleats of separated ewes and lambs rending the air.)

How quickly the year turns round.

Pondside said...

Before I left British Columbia for Ontario on Friday I saw flock after flock of Canada Geese flying in their Vees overhead. Most of them overwinter on the Island, so I think they were on the hunt after the harvest.

Bluestocking Mum said...

Ditto Mountainear.

I love this time of year when harvesting and it makes something so intensely satisfying about living in the country.

Wonderful Snow Geese. I told you I have wooden replica.


Mother Hen said...

i love the Canadian Geese but they have never landed in the harvested fields around me in north Essex, probably because the farmer near us is such a crap farmer. Their honking brings back New England childhood memories every time.
Icecream? can we get it in Essex?
I'll keep watching

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I'm glad "all is safely gathered in", or will be soon. Who was it called knickers their harvest festivals (as in, all is safely gathered in)! I love that!

Posie said...

The geese are arriving here too, in huge flocks to keep us company over the winter months and to gobble all of the grass before the animals get to it!

Tattie Weasle said...

It's such a relief when it is safely in but I do love the time year as everything turns and you keep cosy and warm indoors. The Geese are here too though luckily on teh big lake not my poor little moat!

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