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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Here come the day trippers

April:  At last the sun has come out, the grass is growing & the sky is blue whilst  Easter has come & gone like a politician chasing a floating voter. I think therefore, it is fairly safe to say, the 'Season' is upon us.  The season that sees empty country roads reduced to a snaking crawl of nose to tail traffic, the season that finds all roads lead to the coast, the season that sees our ice cream vans trundling up and down the Yorkshire Coast restocking beach side kiosks, farm shops, gardens & tourist attractions. 

Yes, we have survived Easter, the Caravan Club 5 pitch certified site was, well to be blunt about it, more akin to a swamp than beautifully manicured lawns.  Thanks to the pretty aweful winter weather consisting of snow & rain, the ground was, & up until just now, been well & truly water-logged. The forecast for the Bank Holiday was, as is so often the case, broadcasting heavy rain.  Did we get this? No.  I do get so very angry when l hear the BBC weatherman telling us that 'this weekend the weather is not going to be good........' and then we get sunshine.  We got sunshine for the Easter break.  Caravans who had parked on the winter hard standing pitches fearing the worse,were able to move onto the gravel trackway in the rally field. 

So what about the ice cream parlour? Well, it was MANIC, so very, very busy.  All the staff managed really well.  Coffees, ice cream sundaes, cakes & lunches being served with not to long a wait for the customers.  We have remained busy all through last week, customer numbers being similar to those of August.  We were not alone in being hyper-busy, our customers based along the coast have had a similar experience, Hippy Shake at Whitby sold out of ice cream as did the Beach Hut in Sandsend. This is unheard of at this time of year.  Sunday we had the car park filled with the rumble of 32 Mazda MX5, c/o the Yorkshire Ridings MX5 Club. 

So as l come to my closing paragraph, what happens next & where are  we heading to? Well for a start,Tesco [Yorkshire] have had their first delivery of our more unusual flavours which, according to the data, are flying out as fast as the stuff goes into the freezer, so that's pretty encouraging news, must be doing something right, whilst on the farm we are trying to fit in fencing so that the heifers, which are coming over from the farm at Harpham, wont go for a leaisurely stroll along the cliff top! So have l forgotten anything? Hmn, the new investment is a very large white board sat beside me, on which all this week's deliveries are written up on in bright red plus things that are happening or need chasing up or what time is tea.And so on that note, l can hear the kettle boiling away on the aga so had better go and pour some hot water into the tea pot and pass around some cups of Yorkshire Tea.


Sallys Chateau said...

Love the 'new look' blogspot, a quick look into the freezer section of the local supermarket does not offer anything as exciting as you describe in your ice cream selection.

Pondside said...

May I please have a double - a scoop of rhubarb and a scoop of vanilla? Thank you!

Elizabethd said...

Sounds like a very busy time. As Sally said, the most exciting ice cream here is probably chocolate and send some over!

her at home said...

all sounds far too busy but yummy to me!!

Tattie Weasle said...

Wonderfiul to hear the ice cream is being gobbled up as fast as you can deliver - it is such a tonic to hear some good news!

Twiglet said...

I love to pop into your blog and get all nostalgic about the Yorkshire coast. Is that Filey Brigg I see behind those boats?

muddyboots said...

yes it is Filey Brigg, photo taken from Cobble Landing

Grouse said...

I am the lucky one who has tasted these wonderful icecreams......and the work that goes into their creation is just awe-inspiring. How on earth you do this whilst keeping Joe public beating a path to your door is beyond me. I couldnt do what you do.

laurie said...

yum, yorkshire tea.

every time i read your blog i want to have ice cream and cake. and i love your new blog design. very readable.

mangocheeks said...

Your about me in the side bar just made me smile to myself.

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