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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ideas & days out

From now on in, the ice cream parlour and wholesale becomes a lot less manic, it gives us a well earned break but also, more importantly, a chance to forward plan for the next 12 months.

This summer we ran an competition for our customers to design a new flavour to grace our pots, the response was immense and we are still sifting through the entries looking for that winning entry.

Other interesting things that happen during the Autumn and winter months are 'days out,' or to be more correct, an 'afternoon away''. While most people have days out during the summer months, we have to wait until things quieten down before we can hit the road and visit the many wonderful sights that are to be found here in Yorkshire.

Photos: Fountains Abbey, near Ripon.


Friko said...

you have Fountains Abbey on the doorstep? Lucky you!
I've had a couple of holidays in your area and enjoyed them immensely.
Aahhh countrylife, it is now going to come into it's own, with mud, mud and did I say mud? For weeks the wellies have been in the shed.

what a very attractive bench!

ChrisH said...

Well, I hope you get more of this fine weather to enjoy your days out. I suppose one good thing about your out-of-season breaks is that you avoid the crowds (the folks who eat your ice-cream all summer!).

Elizabethd said...

It must be lovely once the manic crowds are out of the way, just to have the place to yourself for a while.
enjoy your days out!

her at home said...

Do let us know the winning new recipe idea although I do not ima gine anything can replace your famous cowpat!

Fred said...

You could've flagged her down and hitched a lift up here.
You have now explained why one of my guests was so excited about seeing a 'really huge ship' when they were walking on the beach late this afternoon. I thought they'd just seen the usual Rosyth ferry. I shall tell them tomorrow, I'm sure they'll be thrilled to know they have seen royalty :)

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