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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Snowy Saturday

Whilst shoppers head to the towns and cities in search of the 20% off major brands, us lot here on the east of England have snow. Swirling snow storms. Large dark clouds bringing substantial qualities of the white stuff obliterating the view from here across the bay to Flamborough Head. Dramatic of what?

It is pretty damn amazing considering the weather that people are out and about. Staff levels have been what you could call minimal, but despite the slippery roads, we have had the car park half full of cars and 4WD as people come out for an ice cream, lunch, hot chocolate [with of course marshmallows AND cream], followed by a very bracing walk down to an incredibly rough sea with their dogs. Yeap, the sea sure is rough, large rollers coming in off the North Sea, the tide is up and thanks to the wave action the mud cliffs are crumbling and being washed away!

I often wonder if eating ice cream in the cold weather is akin to eating a real hot curry in the heat. Do you feel less cold with something chilly in your tum?

We have a couple of new flavours being tested on our customers, chilli and chocolate, plum and cinnamon, Christmas pudding and a new batch of walnut and fig [as seen in the last issue of Yorkshire Life]. Feedback so far has been pretty good, especially the chilli & chocolate! Tubs of ice cream are starting top fly out now in readiness for Christmas, the alcoholic ones seem to flavour of the month so far, best seller being drunken cherry [amarena cherry with a generous helping of kirsch].

I often recieve emails from people asking where they can buy mr moo's from, well, if you live in South Yorkshire you could well be in luck as Tesco stock a selection of 4 flavours in 500ml tubs, whilst Asda in yellow belly land,south of the Humber stock a similar range. I hasten to add that both supermarkets market our product under the Local Producers label. Enjoy.


Elizabethd said...

Oh! Walnut and fig! Cherry and kirsch! How incredibly tempting. Why cant you sell them over here instead of our boring old Carte d'or?

Mrs ElderBerry said...

thank yo so much for placing a comment on my blog, l do so like a drop of something warming these cold winter nights. I think that somewhere l have a bottle or two or pre-1899 absinthe that would go nicely poured over some ice cream

snailbeachshepherdess said...

and she wonders why she ended up in the cottage hospital bless her....
D'you know I have never ever tried hot chocolate with marshmallows - hmmmmmmm I think my education needs widening a bit... I'll just pop up!!!

lampworkbeader said...

Too far away, how sad 'cos I fancy the plummy one.

Frances said...

Well, if those folks who left the prior comments are too far away to sample your tempting icecreams, you can imagine how I feel, an ocean away.

I would gladly vote yes to any of your newest flavors. And love the idea of having ice cream on a beach in the snow.

Think I remember actually making some sort of snow icecream way back in my Virginia childhood.

No snow here, but it suddenly turned very cold today. I spent the afternoon slowly cooking a beef stew ... and working on Christmas presents.


Sally's Chateau said...

It sounds just the spot to dispel any gloom, hot choc with marshmallows followed by a bracing walk on the beach, beats fighting with the masses for 20% off anything that is probably too highly priced in the first place !! Oh if only we could buy Mr Moo's ice cream down in France.

Angel said...

Christmas Pudding Ice-cream. Yummy-that would be my fave.

I hate the cold but would make an exception for your ice-cream.


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