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Monday, 16 June 2008

Freedom of Speech

So at last we have a politician who is thinking and behaving like a Statesman, a politician who appears to believe in something other than his or her safe seat at the next election. An MP who is prepared to stand up for what he believes to be right and asks to be judged by the electorate on the issue. Boy, from slimy, ditch water politics to stand up and be counted politics and all in the same week as the anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta what could be happening in the totally apathetic political sphere here in England?

Well l refer to the almost local MP, David Davies who has resigned his seat in protest to the passing, by what can only call dubious and mucky means, of the bill to extend the maximum time police can hold terror suspects to 42 days.

So there we are then, something very dear to my heart, the erosion of both freedom of speech and civil liberties all in the name of protecting us, the British citizen, against the terrorist. Bah blurdey humbug say I! We as a nation, have fought long and hard to establish and protect our civil liberties and freedom of speech, even executing a misguided fool of a King who believed in the Divine Right of Kings en route to the establishment of modern democracy. Are we now to see our rights and freedoms being slowly diminished by a bunch of blundering buffoons who just happen to be 'in power' at the moment with the excuse of security of the nation?

I am not a real big fan of Tony Robinson, but there has been however on Channel 4 a series on law and order, or is it crimes and punishment, anyway the episode from 15th June was in fact concerned with freedom of speech and made fascinating viewing shedding new light on what is fast becoming a 'police' state.

So there we have it briefly, no ice cream, no photos just my thoughts on a topic that is important to everyone today. We shouldn't just lie back and blithely ignore bills that pass through parliament, they effect us all and if l want to protest in front of parliament this should not be deemed illegal, if l want to take photos in the new shopping mall in Hull l should be able to without being threatened by security thugs and finally if l choose not to have an ID card my wishes should be respected, and finally finally check out this web site.



Here here ! Speaking as an Expat now resident in Fracne I can neve runderstand why the English get so stroppy about French strikgn and fighting against wat ethy feel is injustices thier government are attemptring to perpetrate on them the citizens, perhaps its about time the english got up and started to shout for the right to be heard!Vive le revolution about ruddy time too!

Grouse said...

The Tony Robinson series has been brilliant! Whilst I applaude Mr Davies for taking a stand, I fear we are in a sorry mess when the Shadow Home Secretary feels he has to pull such a stunt in order to have influence on national security!!!!!!!

Blossomcottage said...

Well said, we really are beginning to live in the dreaded police state.
I love your term "blundering buffoons"
That is exactly what they are.
I agree with UPL and so would Lovely Hubby there is nothing he likes more than a good riot!

Anonymous said...

Well it's just typical of the way this country is being run really isn't it. And as for the website, unless we have celebrity status or very exceptional circumstances, we really don't get a say in who knows what about us. It's not surprising so many people emigrate.

CJ xx

Inthemud said...

Here, here! Well said!
Grouse,Yes, I saw the Tony robinson series, which has been excellent.

Cait O'Connor said...

I can only repeat what I said in the forum. I agree with your every word. Well said. I will check out the website now.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

applause echoing around the Shropshire hills.....well said

ChrisH said...

Well said indeed.

Fern said...

Totally agree with you and also UPL's comment, we should stand up for ourselves more often like the French.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Lots of clapping and head nodding with agreement here . . .head nodding isn't illegal yet is it? Oh!

Milkmaid said...

another nod in aggreement. BTW how did the field day go, my gang didn't get through in anything, thankfully, just too busy this year

Angel said...

I think I will have to plan a return visit to Hull especially since I have discovered my Father again!!

btw-I TOTALLY agree about the blundering buffoons!


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