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Monday, 21 April 2008

swallows and oil seed rape

At last, we have blue sky and a look of Spring about the place. For the past few weeks, the weather has been, well, chilly. Cold easterlies blowing off the North Sea. Grey, rain sodden clouds, snow flurries, hail, gales, need l say more? So, it was with some relief that on peering out from behind the curtains this morning, the sky was blue, the birds were singing, well it is April after all.

At last, a morning dog walk without the need for woolly hats and scarves! Today's perambulation took us through the oil seed rape field which at last is showing signs of bursting forth into a blaze of gaudy day-glow yellow [and the accompanying sneezes]. Up until fairly recently, l have only associated rape seed oil as a means of frying food, you find plastic bottles of the stuff, next to the vegetable oils, well, last year at a 'Meet the Buyer' event l learnt otherwise. It can be cold pressed, rather like olive oil, and is rather moorish, a cross between olive and a nut oil, not as heavy as olive oil though. Look out for the stuff! Well, as l was wading, waist deep along the tram lines, low and behold on glancing skyward, which one does at regular intervals just in case something interesting is crashing towards you, there, swooping and diving above the golden flowers was about, oh I'd say about a dozen swallows, the first of the season. Wonderful sight! More have been flying in as the day has progressed, returning to their favourite nesting spots, in the barns and sheds on the farm.

So, Spring is on its way, the leaves are starting to burst forth, nest boxes are being claimed and you can now find our ice cream in both tesco and ASDA in select parts of Yorkshire.


Pondside said...

If you drove across this country you'd pass mile after mile after mile of bright yellow rape seed fields - gorgeous yellow against a blue sky. Rape seed oil is also very good for you!
I love your walks!

Elizabethd said...

Please send your weather here, nothing but rain rain....
We have fields of rape seed here too, really brightening up the grey landscape.


Fields here are neon yellow and I love it although it is not done to say so in Uk where everyone complained about it and I do agree with you regarding its taste it its good ! Well done with Tesco and Asda!

Sally's Chateau said...

We are ablaze with oil seed rape in the countryside but if you think I am going to divulge our weather you are very much mistaken !!!!!

Inthemud said...

Your morninmg must have been better than mine! I was still in gloves and hat and scarf, very cold wind blowing and raining too!
Lovely to hear that spring has sprung for you.
Not seen a swallow yet

Sunday was good here though!

snailbeachshepherdess said...

big fat mushrooms gently fried in lemon flavour rape seed oil ...and I love the luminous, garish patches of acid yellow...preferably against a cobalt blue sky.

mountainear said...

I've heard good reports of Rape Seed Oil too - but haven't tried it.

I used to hate the stuff when I kept bees - the nectar crystallises so quickly it is a race against time to get it off the supers before it sets solid - and then it sets like rock in the jar - almost bends the knife which digs it out.

Dramatic looking stuff on the landscape - great, as SBS says against a cobalt blue sky.

bodran... said...

I ventured out on my scooter yesterday and the fields of rapeseed where so Bright i couldnt look! And ASDA and Tesco i hope they pay you a decent price well done xx

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

We don't seem to get Rapeseed anywhere near us - it is all sheep etc.

No Swallows, or House Martins here yet.

I actually got hot taking the dogs for a walk today and positively glowing when chasing the sheep. Rain forecast for the next two days.

I hope your icecream makes it this far North one day.

Milkmaid said...

Well done getting your Ice Cream into Tesco and (can I bring myself to type the word Asda Phah), Hope they don't arse you about. Happy Birthday today (25th)

CAMILLA said...

Hello Muddyboots,

Hope you enjoyed your birthday, I am hoping I got your age right.

From my front windows I have the view of the fields with the Rape Seed Oil, vast expanse of bright Yellow. I do agree it's taste is good though. No swallows or house martins here unfortunately.


Angel said...

Crikey-you have been busy! Great news about the supermarkets... Today Asda and Tesco...tomorrow...the world...


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