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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Calories and nesting boxes

It is amazing that no matter what the weather is doing and no matter how cold or miserable it is outside, people like to eat ice cream. Cones, ice cream sodas or sundaes, it makes not one iota of difference, they just need ice cream. I wonder why? Is it a treat, a feel good little something that helps lift the gloom of a manky day? Or is it a case or 'sod the diet, let me at those calories'. What ever the reason, if it makes people happy then, blow the diet or health police!

We are now in the final throws of the school Easter holidays, so are seeing an influx of small people being taken out for the day by grandparents. It is an interesting point that most children are better behaved when out with Gran than with parents. l am not saying that all family groups are badly behaved, but that some are. Nothing is worse than little johnny racing around pretending to be a transformer whilst parents sit sipping coffee.

So here we are then. April. Sun shinning, light westerly breeze, dare l say it, a slight rise in air temperature? The grass has not really started moving [growing] yet, looks like a late turn out? The bird boxes have all got new residents, blue tits and house sparrows, there are a couple of pairs of oyster catchers on the hill top fields, staking out territory. These are noisy birds, shrieking when disturbed. At this time of year, we have to restrict the dogs from certain areas as these are prime nesting sites for things like mallard and waders.

Living here, on the coast, we are a bit limited as to which direction to head for on days out. Fortunately for us, there is plenty of dramatic scenery within an hour's drive. To the north, and probablely first choice, [except on weekends], is Whitby. The most leisurely route is through Forge Valley, then the twisty turny road up to Silpho, on via Hackness, hitting the main Scarborough to Whitby road just south of Boggle Hole, across the moors, past Hawsker until the ruined abbey of St Hilda's stands out on the skyline, where land meets sea, looking to all and sundry like the bleached ribs of some long dead whale.

Whitby is a little bit of all sorts. There are a scattering of amusement arcades, a plethora of fish and chip restaurants, long sweeping piers taking you out into the north sea, historic lanes and alleyways, ruined abbeys, ancient churches, 199 steps plus the Grand Turk moored alongside the quay. All to much!



for bringing back fond memories of a winter wedding I went to near WHitby. Such beautiful countryyside all captured by your evocative words and photographs..

Milla said...

when I was ill last week I learnt all about Whitby and jet (from crushed auracaria trees no less). Must be the only person in the world NOT to like icecream (sorry) - it's a teeth thing. Still want to know what your real name is ...

snailbeachshepherdess said...

....and Bram Stoker...Milla has beaten me to the Whitby...eight of us sat on a wall in Goathland and sang the Heartbeat song....wonder we werent thrown in the nearest river.

Sally's Chateau said...

It's a part of England I have never visited but now you are my 'friend' I'm sure a visit must be in order because you always make it sound so inviting. x

Cait O'Connor said...

I love Whitby (and the fish and chips).
I was looking at ice cream in the supermarket today and understand what you mean, I really fancied some. COmfort food any time of year.

lampworkbeader said...

I tried to enter Whitby last summer but it was full! It was a big disappointment as I've been very keen on Whitby jet for years.
I enjoyed your icecream though...

laurie said...

speaking as someone who had ice cream just tonight--when it was 40 degrees out--i can say it's the cold silky sweetness of it.

you're in a great business!

never been to whitby. but i think i'd like to go there.

Pondside said...

Those photos are beautiful - I'm on my way over!
What is it about ice cream? I'm finishing off a carton of Dulce de Leche - yummy!

The Country Craft Angel said...

Lovely to catch up on your blogs.
Hope you are well-things sound good.

I love Whitby-always a favourite but Withernsea and Brid were cheaper so that's where spent most of childhood hols!

Take care and as always warm wishes

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