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Wednesday, 12 December 2007


l know that it is the month of December but l hadn't quite realized that Christmas was only 2 weeks away. Help, l am not organized. No cards written, no turkey ordered, no christmas puddings made.

The TV advertising is set to feeding frenzy point, trying to get the last ounce of 'suckerabilty' out of us,. You must but this toy or that, then these mince pies are so much better than those, plus have you got all your electrical things ordered? who in their right minds wants a blurdey dishwasher or washing machine for Christmas?

Oh well never mind, it will soon be Easter!

At least the temperature has dropped. Last night saw our first, white frost of the winter. Ice everywhere. It is at this time of year that wellingtons are not the ideal choice of foot wear unless you have at least 3 pairs of socks on! Gordon has discovered that ice & him just don't get on. You see, in the morning he LEAPS out, spinning about, bending this way and that, but on ice, well, he just ends up sliding across the farm drive, arms & legs akimbo! Poor dog. He thinks he is the ONLY dog. That he can have choice morsels and total attention. Wrong. Lucy-Piglet with any luck should be returning home on Saturday after her awfully big adventure.

Poor Gordon!



AH you see the problem here is we dont get all teh hype or if we did I msut have blinked and missed it hence it came as a shock this mornign when kids told me they broke up next week! Oh dear Santa may well be leaving IOU noted under the tree if I dont get my skates on!!!

Blossomcottage said...

I think we ought to have a competition the first to see the Easter Eggs in the shops!!
I must say it was very Christmas like here today, thick white frost lovely, I even did a bit of Christmas shopping.
Still two weeks and it will be Boxing Day.

Exmoorjane said...

The only consolation about my life being mad at the moment is that I haven't had time to watch TV and hence haven't seen ANY ads! Wow, must be a first.
Silly dog!

Elizabethd said...

We do have English TV, but hate the ads, so dont really take much notice of them. I do remember how very irritating they were in the ways they try to sell, sell, sell.

Preseli Mags said...

I totally agree about the adverts. Why are they trying to imply that we all need new sofas for Christmas? I hate the way they try and make you feel as if you 'should' and if you don't then you are somehow inferior. Oh, and don't get me started on children's toy adverts (steam starts coming out of ears!)
Poor Gordon - although I did at first think it was a picture of him eating a cat! I must have my eyes tested (like the woman on the Specsavers ad who flambees the turkey)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dog! I almost live in wellies when out on the farm and I wear at least two pairs of socks! And as for the adverts, they are costing me a small fortune!

Crystal xx

Milla said...

I've got all panicky about this on the Christmas forum - delighted to know that there's another useless person about!! And PM is quite right about sofas, what is about this country and sofa frenzy. Although am as bad, have bought 4 recently. Yes, I KNOW that sounds both mad and bad but ... (2 were charity shop and 2 dead cheap and not an advert in sight - and, needed, as in empty rooms unless we bought 'em. Yes, poor us.)

laurie said...

wait, wait, what was lucy's big adventure? have i missed something?

riley refuses to walk on ice. if he spots ice on the sidewalk, he leaps into the snow and goes around it.

funny dog.

tim relf said...

I hope that isn't a pet rabbit!

Pondside said...

I'm like Gordon on the ice - but it's my own fault for going out in my plastic clogs!

Grouse said...

Oh But Gordon will be soooo glad to have LP back- so will we all!

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