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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Dogs and fancy dress

So today's Thursday. A dry but chilly one in fact; where do the days keep flying off to? Short days, long dark nights. Dank, dark & damp. Amazingly, we have had no rain for the past couple of days. It had been raining solidly since the weekend, water once more falling to the lowest point of resistance & accumulating in the boggy bottoms & field depressions. Not exactly the floods of june, more our typical winter weather pattern.

So on to the updates on the dog.

Well, she is still with us and has returned to her usual bouncy self, putting weight back on after her second close shave with the grim reaper. She is, l must hasten to add, not 100% fighting fit. The problem when she eats is still with us. Well l think in my last blog l briefly ran through the symptoms? The initial diagnosis based on these symptoms was a post operative esophageal stricture,however during the routine vet visit to the farm yesterday, & by observing L-P actually eating, [bar a definite diagnosis at a serious vet center], the problem could be damage to nerves that induce swallowing? On a more positive note, there is no urgency in getting a definite diagnosis. Will keep the blog updated as to any updates in this department & can report that at this moment the mutt in question is sitting at my feet burping! Delightful!

So we turn to things more frivolous. Relief you think, there is only so much of 'crook' dog that one can take!

Last friday saw the BBC Children in Need Appeal, which involves lots of people doing strange & wonderful things in order to raise money for the charity. So it was that this year we too have joined in the fun, serving our customers in a wacky selection of fancy dress! We had Noggin the Nog [or could it have been Brünnhilde] & superman, hippies & Ali G, Lady Pirates & Micky Mouse. All in all we raised a respectable sum of approximately £100. Now next year we will do a sponsored ice cream eating session!


Anonymous said...

Sponsored ice cream session! I think I might have a little girl here who would just love to join in that one!!


sally's chateau said...

Glad to hear that LP is making strides in the right direction, now about that fundraising next year ? think I could manage to eat lots and lots of your delicious ice cream !!!

laurie said...

those are fabulous costumes. mostly home=made, right? the best kind.

and do keep us informed of lucy-piglet.

muddyboots said...

those interested in the sponsored ice cream eat, please form an orderly queue!

L-P is booked into the vet. clinic at Newmarket for a barium meal & x-ray tuesday 4th dec.

Exmoorjane said...

Yes, indeed, good to hear that LP is holding her own.... but urrghh, barium meal.....yuk.

The Country Craft Angel said...

Have just been catching up on your news-so sorry to hear that LP has been so poorly. As if you don't have enough on your plate, my dear!
I do hope she feels better soon, poor girl.

What a good egg you are with the fundraising-well done you. I'd join you next year as long as it is pistacio or strawbery!

warmest wishes

Milkmaid said...

Well done on your CIN effort, add my name to the long list for sponsored ice cream eating


Id like to volunteer for next year please!!!

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