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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

a short burst in the spotlight

It's always the way, whenever you have to get up at some unearthly time, whether to dash for the airport bleary eyed & zombieized or, to get ready for your 3 seconds of fame, you just can't sleep properly the previous night, no matter how early you retire. Midnight comes & goes, your legs start aching, that fly just keeps on buzzing. 2 o'clock, the fox barks, the owl hoots, and so on, then, just before the alarm goes 'ping' you finally go to sleep.

Sleep, such a luxury. Peace & calm at last. POW, off goes that dratted alarm, cold sweat breaks out on your forehead. Where are you? No longer tackling the last few feet of Everest in beach shorts & flip flops, but groping for the button, falling out of bed, crawling on hands and knees along the floor, body on auto pilot heading for the shower which, hopefully, will bring instant 'wake up'. Well that's what the shower gel is called, something BURST.

So there we all were in the midst of the 2nd foot & mouth out break in the first decade of the 21st century, about to take part in something utterly frivolous! Hence the early start. Mad?

GMTV had contacted us, must have been last week with a plea for help, [doesn't that sound good]. Keith Chegwin & crew would be visiting various holiday parks & could we take part in an ice cream sundae challenge at Thornwick & Sea Farm holiday centre at Flamborough. Well, what can you say? National TV coverage [for a few seconds]?

So there you have it, myself, victim [staff] plus 3 contestant making, in under 30 seconds, what should have been a cowpat sundae but in these times of stress was renamed 'the wednesday sunday'.

Did we have a good laugh? You bet!

Have l changed my life style? No.

Will l be going to bed early this evening? Definately.............zzzzzzzzz


ChrisH said...

The Times and Cheggers in a matter of days?? We will have to pay to read your blogs soon! Seriously, hope that the publicity boosts the business and, fingers crossed, that the F&M outbreak is well and truly contained. Best wishes Cx

Anonymous said...

How fantastic. You must have felt really famous!!! What's Mr Chegwin like? He always seems a bit off the planet to me.

F&M - seems to be improving.
Crystal xx

Suffolkmum said...

Hope you got some sleep last night - nothing worse than lying there watching the clock tick round. Tell us more about Keith Chegwin! Milk all this publicity, darling!

sally's chateau said...

Whoooooah Cowpat Queen your autograph in my visitors book is ready for e bay !! But, wait a minute, where is the piccie of you darling, oh yes the back end of MrMoo's pantomine cow,(falls off chair laughing) Serious face now, that's a slot on GMTV and a mention in the Times all in the space of a week, deep admiration from down here. xx

Rotunda said...

Oh it all sounds such a great hoot I remember old Cheggers from his youth and my goodness hasn't he grown!! It is fantastic to read something positive and fun so much is just dull political corrrectness on the blogs and people either simpering or complaining about their lot! You sound such fun I am glad I found your blog! How silly to have to rename your icecream!!!

Milkmaid said...

Yes you are getting a bit show biz, met Cheggers once when he came to our hamlet to surprise some actor from Home & Away as he was staying in a rented cottage whilst he did Joseph at the Bradford Alhambra

Grouse said...

You didnt tell us whether you were in polkadots and frillies!
When you reach Red Carpet status, can I have your autograph?
This icecream will be Harrods prices at this rate.........
'as mentioned in........'

KittyB said...

ho ho ho, you is so famous!!

I bought some of your wares from The Star Harome corner shop today (snooty and posh - I say), it was the last Mr Moos - I had to ask them if they had any, I had gone there specially instead of stopping in Helmsley and going to the deli - so you need to get some more stock to them quick!!

I don't know what flavour as it was missing part of the lid (label and spoon it seems!) but needless to say, Yum.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Oh dear you described that not sleeping etc far too well - if I can't sleep now will remember your blog.

So you met Cheggers . . . good for business along with the Boden fiasco . . . perhaps you should send KM some icecream in a brown envelope. Remeber Purplecoo in your dizzy heights of fame.

Gwen said...

Yes, please tell us what Cheggers was like. He is like an old friend to folks of our generation who sort of grew up with him on TV. I'm not quite sure what he does with himself these days now. Perhaps this kind of thing.

mutterings and meanderings said...

Woo hoo!

Are you still speaking to me, oh famous one?

Marianne said...

Which one are you in the pictures? So relate to the not sleeping - I thought it was just me.

Marianne said...

Polka dots, I presume? Very nice.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Keith Chegwin is looking old! I hope he didn't try to put a 99 in your cornet when you weren't looking! That is the stuff of nightmares!

Pondside said...

Muddy you are amazing! No wonder you couldn't sleep though. It's on my list of 'things to do'.....have some Mr Moo!

The Country Craft Angel said...

Oh, I thought of you SO much while I was at caravan-kept telling boys. When I turned on GMTV Cheggars was in Flamborough and I had missed you!! Grrr! Sounds great fun. Cheggars seems such a mad man. Wonder if he is that nice really.

warm wishes

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