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Monday, 4 June 2007

the mists have risen

At last, the sun has come out on the east coast. After days of swirling sea roke & chilly temperatures, the mists have gone replaced by blue sky & brilliant sunshine. It's always the same, kids go back to school & hey presto the weather improves. That's life!

We ran out of food in the house this weekend, just didn't have time or the inclination to drive into Bridlington. Today, we could last no longer without the finer things in life, butter, cereals etc, so l just had to get the car out and head north to tesco. ok l hate them but l only use the store for groceries. Well, racing up & down the aisles at my normal speed, l just happened to notice that there was Yorkshire Localchoice milk on the shelves priced at £1.23 per 2ltrs. Local milk? Here? From where? The customer service desk couldn't help as they didn't know how local was local. The stock control team didn't know either & on ringing Arla in Leeds they, surprise surprise, didn't know, but, they thought it might have come from somewhere near Leeds. So much for traceability.

And another thing. l buy monthly magazines for customers to read whilst they wait for their orders, mainly food magazines with a few country lifestyle ones thrown in. Anyway, perusing through these photographic masterpieces, can anyone tell me why the majority of restaurants / specialist food shops / hotels / cafes advertised or recommended are based to the south of the Humber / Trent / Mersey? Up here in the Wild North, we have wonderful eateries / farm shops / food places and the natives are usually jolly friendly too. All l can think is that the journalists are worried that their sat navs don't work this far north or that if they get lost or the car breaks down, they won't be able to understand the locals? But there again do l really want loads of southerners heading north looking for our hidden foodie delights?


Anonymous said...

Firstly, thanks for the help re Children Chocolate & Wine.
Secondly, since I've moved to Northumberland I sometimes feel as though I live on another planet. Even my mum has asked me "what time is it up there?"
Weather on the NE coast has been pretty naff so I can't complain!
And I used to know a gorgeous bloke in Bridlington, owned an artwork studio. Crystal x

mutterings and meanderings said...

There is such a bloody awful southern bias in this country.

I no longer let it bother me, unless it's southerners slagging off northerners.

But you're right. Do we we want them traipsing up here? perhaps not.

ChrisH said...

How depressing - but not surprising that Tesco couldn't tell you where the milk really came from.

The Country Craft Angel said...

Ah, Muddyboots, I am SO with you.

I think I told you before my holidays as a child were all in the east coast. And I had many of my best holidays as a teenager with my 1st boyfriend in Bridlington and Whitby!!

I love everything about 'up there'-maybe I am just being sentimental. But love the climate, the food, some of the lovely places and of course, the wonderful people!

warm wishes

Grouse said...

Oh God that reminds me of when we found Danish bacon with the little red tractor on the label in the co-op! Bit of a fuss! Just remember- they dont actually give a damn, just have to pretend they do to push sales up. They'd buy green milk from mars and tell you it was Irish if there was a profit to be made.

Suffolkmum said...

Sadly no surprises there re Tesco. Re the southern/northern divide - although these days my accent has morphed into nondescript south-eastern, I'm originally a northener and my heart is still there. I can't tell you how many times I've come up against offensive remarks against northeners, by people who don't realise I've got any connection there, it makes my blood boil. Did you hear that woman on the Apprentice the other week? Outrageous.

Gwen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours and I will visit again.

Living in Scotland I can well sympathise with the North/South divide. I used to read a lot more magazines, and was always struck by the real southern bias within them.

@themill said...

Too true about the North/South divide. I'm a bit torn about more people heading this way - have a holiday cottage (and intend to do more) but don't necessarily want everyone to know how lovely it is. I suppose the threat of the cold easterly wind scares a few of them off!

Pondside said...

Twas ever thus, Muddy. The larger centres get the attention - you'd think the rest of us were on the moon. Here it's an east/west thing, with all the money in the east and all the scenery in the west!
Glad to hear that the mist has risen and that you'll be able to see the sea!

Milkmaid said...

I agree with @the mill, lets keep the beautiful north to ourselves, I do however get annoyed when the weather forecaster summerise the weather by what it's doing down there. ie it's been an awful day, when it's been great up here

The Country Craft Angel said...

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