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Friday, 8 June 2007

Late lunch @ Betty's, York

Hurrah, the sun has finely come out, briefly mind you, in between swirls of sea fret. l had quite forgotten how good the sun can look, trying to burn its way through a foggy blanket. It sure felt good, as they say across the pond. Many would say this sea fog thing, is typical of late spring along the North Sea coasts but it is a few years since it has plagued us with such murky conditions for so long. It does have it's plus points however; no flies, midges or other biting insects; no sun burn, no need for expensive sunny weather clothes or sun screen.

Yesterday. l did get away from the place.

Eventually that is.

Hubby is very good at what l would term 'waffling' with his time. he has to do a bit of this, then that & not forgetting the other. eventually, by 1 o'clock we manged to get in the car to actually go & do something. So what did we do & where did we go? Heading due east you eventually hit the ancient city of York, & this is where we ended up. Late lunch was taken in that great institution Bettys on Parliament Square, a real must for locals & tourist alike. Didn't manage to bag an 'upstairs' table but who cares really as l'm not exactly what you could classify as a FWAG. Manged to do a wee bit of shopping but as most of the stock in most of the shops had been well shopped out leaving only the 'Yorkshire Woman' sizes left l just had to give up on the spending money bit!

New man started yesterday, this time a young Canadian from Nova Scotia visiting friends for the summer. This has been interesting for me on the inland revenue side with him having presented a holiday working visa, more bureaucracy. Seems a pleasant enough guy. Snowboard instructor. We have no hills suitable here, but there is great surf at Cayton Bay & Scarborough.

Taking a complete spin round on thoughts, l have been having, what you could call a 'trying time' with my wireless connection. Its comes & it goes. No one else 'using' or should l say borrowing my connection, just a piece of, either connected or not connected. l have run several scans to see if there is a nasty lurking behind files & folders but can see nothing. A mystery a the moment.

Back to the ice cream bit now.

Yorkshire is host to this year's Bollywood film awards, with glitter & parties & celebrity stuff happening throughout the various Ridings. Tomorrow sees the action move to Beverley with the International Polo tournament or Yorkshire Nations Cup as advertised on the Beverley Polo Club web site & we, you'll be pleased to note that we will be in attendance with ice cream! Oh Darhlings how absolutely Fabulous!


Anonymous said...

York is a beautiful and interesting city, lucky you for getting there. I have a friend with relatives in Nova Scotia, I wonder if your new employee knows any of them?! I expect you'll do well with the Bollywood Awards. Do they have an award for "best icecream"?

muddyboots said...

um no, it's the polo we're at but the bollywooders are going to be there as is jodie kidd. l'm NOT going.


Goodness I could do with some time out at a bollywood film festical in yorkshire the way I feel tonight! Do not mention wireless connections my dongel is playing me up no end adn my laptop is ofically dying wonderful!

The Country Craft Angel said...

York was of course the main place that I went on just about every school trip from the age of 7. And I continued to love the magical City especially through the tetley pub trails of my teens!!

I took both the boys a couple of years ago and they loved it.
And I also took them to Bettys!!

Betty's at York (and Harrogate) used to be one of my most favourite place!

Since I moved away from Yorkshire I have now discovered I can do I have purchased all sorts from there, mainly as gifts on the run up to Christmas!!

warm wishes

Milkmaid said...

I've watchrd the Bollywood coverage on Look North, it looks fab, they really know how dress up those girls, poor Shilpa losing her luggage, i bet the polo will be great, is it by choice you are NOT going?

Andres Carl Sena said...

I just discovered BBC radio the other day- streaming. sweet asian station with bollywood shhowcases. . . anyway, what s FWAG?

muddyboots said...

FWAG = footballers wives & girlfriends, andres carl sena or even WAGs wives & girlfriends of footballers

Pondside said...

Hi Muddy - it sounds like you had a good day away - and you deserve it! I hope the sun is out for you this weekend. We've had a cold and grey week and I reminded the Great Dane that it's been like summer in Denmark.
So you have a Bluenoser working for you! Just tell him that one of your blog friends is a Caper. Ask him where he's from and "what's your father's name?" and you might get a laugh.

Milkmaid said...

I took FWAG to mean Farmers' Wives and Girlfriends, opps

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Oh I do love York - went to climb the York Minster though - years ago - and couldn't cope with the narrow stairs - hadn't realised how much claustrophobia bothered me - as well as spelling it. Not so bad now with confined spaces - can actually go in lifts . .

Andres Carl Sena said...

farmers wives and girlfirends. . . i like that

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