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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Hmm, everything is back to normal

So here l am, back to the old routine. Wednesday, East Yorkshire coast sat waiting for hubby to deliver some yummy samples to a possible new customer. Amazingly, the sun is shinning & it's almost warm. The sea front here in Filey is busy with the promenading Grey Brigade enjoying the sea air & sun shine. invigorating stuff, this ozone, keeps the encroaching years at bay.

l must have sat in the freezer van for a good half hour, with the engine running l might add, whilst hubby peddled his wares. l have seen the world & his wife perambulating slowly along the wide pathway set atop of the sea wall. Short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, wheelchair ones, bent ones & even the odd toddler just in case.

l must admit that l can watch people for hours, well hidden off course behind dark glasses. people are so interesting. Where have they come from? Did they not look in the mirror before setting out this morning? Have they always had that hairstyle? Is that man's hair a walnut whip? l could go on, l'm not being nasty or anything, but l'm fascinated by the human race we are so funny!

The rest of the afternoon was spent delivering yet more ice cream to various farm shops & open gardens. One of which incidentally is purple, seriously purple both inside & out & you can find it here. No pictures at the moment due to the flowers being not at their best yet, give them a week or so & it'll be like Provence!


Anonymous said...

People watching. A great past time. My mum's a beggar for it. She stands outside shops, having a good old nosey.

Grouse said...

I know just where you are with the funny people.....we stand at our farmers market stalls sometimes and just catch each other staring at the same person......creases us up, we cant help it.

Is your land on the coast? Will you be forced into this open access business? We are planting trees like mad here.......

muddyboots said...

there has always been an unofficial footpath leading from one of the caravan sites down to withow gap & we have set up a permissive footpath down to the beach from our car park. we have also planted about 2000 trees, just to keep busy. so we have had 'open'access for years, so to speak!

sally's chateau said...

Well what did you say about MY hair then ? Walnut whip indeedy, I fell about laughing !!

mutterings and meanderings said...

Another people watcher here.

My nanna used to say: "The things you see when ye havenae got a gun."

Pig in the Kitchen said...

I love watching couples in cars when you're stuck in a traffic jam. The best is when they are arguing, all the gestures, rolled eyes, tight lips, determined staring out of the window, only to crack and turn round gesticulating for another it!

Pondside said...

I'm another people-watcher. I could sit in an airport for hours just watching - as long as I have a comfortable seat!

Suffolkmum said...

Me too. Loved the walnut whip comment. Haven't had one of them for years, come to think of it!

The Country Craft Angel said...

I remember a holiday at Reighton Sands camping with my 1st boyfriend many moons ago-I won the MISS Leisure Holidays at the site there!!

Love the sands at Filey!

I love people watching-pity I don't get out much these days!!

warm wishes

PS-Thank you for your concern on my Orange Man Blog Muddy Boots.

Maybe I will be truly happy again by the time I finish writing my Orange Man Blog?-It was the pursuit of re-discovering happiness that started me writing it...

I regret there is a lot more heartache to come yet (if you can stick with it!)and you will see why my happy thoughts have been elusive of late...But I think you see I am strong and determined and I will get day...thanks for your support.

Milkmaid said...

people watching is the best, i guesst thats why things like Big Brother are/were popular, It's always embarrassing when you get caught out by the person you are watching/ear wigging

Andres Carl Sena said...

I am loking forward to the flowers. ours are doing a nice little dance at the moment. people are bery interesting. if you ever get the opportunity to hit Las Vegas, Nevada, it is the best people watching adventure ever. Just sit back drink your drink and enjoy the parade, all sorts, all kinds all the time

Cherry Trees Holiday Flats Scarborough said...

We are probably part of these funny people you are watching! :-)
My boy and I love walking down to the beach, building sand castles, inventing all sorts of stories!
We have a self-catering accommodation, here in Scarborough and love to see all the different people coming to visit the town!
We obviously forget about the weird ones and have great pleasure to meet and remember the great ones!

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