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Friday, 1 June 2007

Daily Mail advert c/o Tesco page 40

Sitting eating breakfast this morning, somehow multi-tasking & reading today's copy of the Daily Mail. My bowl of delicious muesli, care of The Side oven Bakery , was suddenly flung across the table followed by mouthfuls of milk, bird seed & me choking violently & turning a brighter shade of purple. OK it's only the Daily Mail, & l know that this newspaper has this effect on New Labour politicians so what had l read to have had such a catastrophic effect on my breakfast.

If you have a copy please turn to page 40. OK are you there? Here before us we have a Full Page Colour advertisement care of Tesco. Product of this every little helps advertising campaign was........Localchoice milk, & l quote

'Lets you support family farms in your region.
Whether you're having tea in Lancs.
Or breakfast in Beds.'

The labels on the bottles have the legend,

'Buying this skimmed, semi, whole milk supports small local farms near where you live'


The announcement concerning this increase in milk price was discussed in length on the CL site flagged up by milkmaid & myself, quoting at length from the press release by DFB.
This advert is at best somewhat selective with the truth, & worse it is misleading Tesco customers into thinking that all milk sold in its stores is purchased from all dairy farmers at a sustainable price & that Tesco is the farmers friend.

Here in East Yorkshire we are not part of the Localchoice milk scheme despite there being small family farms who supply milk to DFB & who desperately need an increase in milk price to a sustainable level. So we will not benefit. l have not been able to get hold of a copy of the supplier contract but l have been reliably informed that the technical categories are extremely difficult to achieve for the small producer.
l would imagine that, as no farms in this area are part of the scheme, my local Tesco will not be stocking this product. If they are.............. l will ask exactly which local farms are doing the supplying, the store will have these details in order to fulfill the 'full traceability' criteria?
And finally, the logo every little helps, as far as l can see helps only one business. Tesco the Corporate Entity.


bodran... said...

A rant indeed you tell um girl!!xx

Faith said...

Don't know what to say Muddy. You are rightly angry.

Suffolkmum said...

Oor err. Nothing Tesco does surprises me any more. You're dead right to be so furious.

Yorkshire Pudding said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yorkshire Pudding said...

Drat! Your last sentence stole my thunder. "Every Little Helps" the Tesco Empire to grow like that marauding Marshmallow Man in the film "Ghostbusters". They squeeze farmers everywhere - using their economic muscle to force through deals that are cruel and heartless. What I would like to know is who exactly is getting fat on Tesco's enormous profits? Where are these people?

mutterings and meanderings said...

I think you should complain to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Have you made a submission to the Competition Commission inquiry on the supermarkets?

Anonymous said...

Tesco have far too much clout. They make too much profit and when it comes to every little helps, it certainly is a 'little'. I fell out with them last year when they refused to delivery groceries to me just because I live in the sticks of Northumberland. Perhaps they felt they couldn't afford the fuel from Newcastle.

Milkmaid said...

Due to the fact we do not take a daily paper my equlibrium hasn't be knocked off by this ad, just as well, can't cope with that and spending the weekend rallying, one of our friends was offered a Tesco contract but couldn't fulfil their criteria, but if he couldn't get it there's not much hope for the rest of us, I have heard that if the tesco price was rolled out to every DFB member it would equate to 0.2p per litre

Pondside said...

Take as much time and space to rant as you need, Muddy - you are completely in the right. Up until last year, on this island, we could buy ALL of our dairy products from a company that was island-owned and bought all that small and large island farms could produce. Last year it was sold to a company from 3000 miles away and is now part of a huge conglomerate. I swear that the milk tastes different. I don't like it. This can't have been done for the betterment of the island dairy farmers.
I love your photo of low tide. Is that a special spot for you?

Grouse said...

We have exactly the same problem with the eggs, so I'm right with you, girl!
Wait until there is a security threat and the ports and airfields are closed.....who is going to produce food for us when all the farms have been concreted over?

Just seen your 'favourite blog list' Thank you!!! How did you get that? I want one!

Anonymous said...

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