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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

A nothing sort of day really..........

Today l have had a nothing much day. A day that has seen me sat in front of the PC messing around with designs for information boards for kids. The sort of thing that can be slung up anywhere showing today's youth the process from cow to cone, pictorially, not to many words. So for inspiration l have been trawling the net looking for inspiration. The Ben & Jerry site showing the process from start to finish was quite neat, but after watching the video thingee several times l think l've pulled in a few ideas on format. Life certainly isn't dull always new inspiration & ideas. When we first started of with the ice cream venture, l likened my brain to that of a hedgehog's spines, thoughts shooting off every which way. Our first few years l was sort of hyper, if l could have bottle the adrenaline l need never have worked again, might have been bored but, well that's another story now isn't it.

Delivery men have been coming all day today, bringing Harry's bits & pieces for his camping trip. Camping kitchen, chairs, crockery, saucepans, no tent yet though..... Ah, YFC AGM. Harry's club had not organised anything...... hard to believe, apparently only the chairman has gone & he gave no one else the opportunity to go. The chairman isn't up to much, so Harry says.
Lets hope the County Rally goes better.

Last night's visit by the B. YFC was a bit of a nightmare. I can easily cope with most kids, well these lot were a nightmare. Firstly there were no club leaders or older members to keep the younger ones in control, secondly the vice chairman was very shy & not forth coming at all. Normally l do a brief intro about us & why we diversified the business, this time, huh, they were so busy chatting that before l could even start l announce, much to Harry's embarrassment, that l had no intention of entering a talking competition with anyone. That was basically it, they obviously were just here for a 'good time' so, l left Harry to show them round which even he found hard as all these young girls kept fawning over him, not that he minded of course, and giggling. One boy even had silver ballet pumps on. These are Young Farmers we are talking about! Well, let us just say l was glad when they went!

We have booked to take part in the DelicouslyYorkshire stand at this years Game Fair at Harewood House near Leeds. All the forms arrived today concerning risk assessment, electrics & such like, l haven't filled them in being otherwise artistically preoccupied but it's something l'll have to scrutinise tomorrow. That'll be fun now wont it? It's mind blowing all the forms & disclaimers you have to fill in before attending fairs & shows, l'm surprised we bother really, but you do get free tickets & can usually sneak in to watch any cookery demonstrations which is pretty good! l have seen James Martin a few times & he is good despite doing weird things with spun sugar & even more amazingly not burning himself. If you do get the chance to watch his cookery demos take it, he is one of the more nicer celebrity chefs.

Holiday makers are starting to appear in readiness for this weekend's bank holiday. Caravaners are still ringing hoping for a vacancy, sorry guys, we've been fully booked for months now. Don't know how busy we actually going to be, certainly Easter was HEAVING but that was Easter, & it'll depend on the weather, we are not exactly warm over on the east coast at the moment, chilly in fact.

Whilst doing my research bit, see earlier paragraph, one of the comments on the B & J page was the fact that they could not deliver virtual ice cream yet, well, l did grin because looking at your comments about our ice cream & sending it out to bloggers via envelope, fax or carrier pigeon got me thinking to how we tried to do just that, well, um, in a more practical manner last year. What we tried to do was pack a polystyrene box with ice cream tubs & dry ice & see how long a window we had to get the stuff delivered before it melted. Now that was a real laugh, everyone who supplied the component parts were really excited by the prospect, anyone would have though t that we were attempting a lunar landing or something. Did it work? Well, yes it did but, & there always is a but isn't there, it was a rather expensive ice cream at the end of the day & a service that was not really economically viable.

On a more sombre note, thanks for the kind & thoughtful comments about poor old Pip, who you'll be pleased to note now resides under a newly planted apple tree, Cox's Orange Pippin.


KittyB said...

Poor lady, poor Pip. YFC member in silver pumps? Blummen 'eck, you lot at the coast are cosmopolitan aren't you? They all wear Argylls round 'ere, by gum.

Pondside said...

Hi Muddy - Just caught up with your most recent two blogs. So sorry to hear about your friend's Pip. Never a good time. My sister and I have been the support for one another through the same kind of times.
Well, it's a good thing you went away for a bit. It sounds as though you are in for a very busy time!


Keep working on the virtual icecream never give up!

Inthemud said...

Enjoyed reading about your day, all these interesting links involving ice cream,can't be bad!

Milkmaid said...

I must remember to come and seek you out at the game fair, may be purple bloggers should wear something distinctive when attending such events so we can spot each other may be I should ask Matron

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