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Thursday, 17 May 2007

mine's a large scotch please!

Living out in the sticks, sometimes l get really bemused by journalists from the smoke going on about this or that, blowing stories way out of proportion to reality. Take today for example, most important news for country dwellers is closures of Post Offices, what do we get big time? prince harry not going to Iraq because it's too dangerous.

Every radio, TV & newspaper is screaming out about Harry. Why? Surely if he goes out to Iraq he will be endangering all his comrades who will be victims of any 10 bit suicide junkie for miles around. So what IS the big deal? Royalty have fought & died on battle fields but Iraq is a different war scenario as here the enemy seems intent on killing themselves & everyone else nearby. In this case PH is different ,he becomes a valid high profile target along with anyone with him. Can you imagine the headline if Harry went & he & his regiment were hit by waves of suicide bombers? How many parents would be losing sons & daughters needlessly. l personally think Mr Blair should volunteer to take Prince Harry's place on the front line.

So post office closures might seem a wee bit boring to the hysterical tabloids, but our village has l shop with post office. If it closes, those villagers who don't drive will have to walk the 3 miles to the next village, wait for a bus that may or may not come or beg a lift. This government seems to forget that the green bit between towns actually houses a great many people who rely on village Post Offices & their cars because to get to anywhere you have to drive, why? Because there are no pavements to walk along or buses / trains to catch or cycle lanes to ride along.

Oh, l'm being opinionated today. Must be lack of sunshine, just grey blanket cloud everywhere. My tolerance levels must be at their lowest at the moment, anything can get me going when l'm like this. You just feel that living in the north & in rural England that this is the land that politicians have forgotten.
We have the crisis in UK agriculture, l received an email the other week from the NFU stating in black & white how much dairy farmers are loosing on every litre of milk sold. Does anybody care? No. 5 years ago there were 25 good sized dairy farms in this area now there are 3. This area of east Yorkshire held the largest pig population in the UK now there are a few large contract pig business's. OK so why is agriculture different from say..coal mining, car manufacture, ship building? because we need to feed ourselves and to reduce the food miles piled on by shipping / air freighting the stuff from all 4 corners of the globe.
Robert Wiseman's profits you'll be pleased to note are up as are Sainsburys, Tesco et al.
Can l apologies for the rant, hopefully by tomorrow l will be a bit more calmer.


ChrisH said...

No, carry on ranting! I think lots of us are throwing up our hands wondering what's next.

toady said...

You rant away my flower. W're waiting to hear if our little sub post office is for the chop. I know we'rre in town but the main PO is down on the quay, the queues are awful especially in summer and if the sub PO goes so does the little convenience shop and the couple who run it's livelihood. Madness

KittyB said...

Rant all you like, you are spot on with what you say. It's just criminal what this damned government has done to our farmers.

And the POs too - I'd hate to lose the one in the village where Henry's at school, I pop inmost days for something while I'm there, it saves a trip into town.

Anyway, isn't PH that James thingy's son? Not really royal. Can I get put in prison for saying that?

muddyboots said...

you've noticed the likeness too then?


I hadn't thought of it like that, I must admit Ihtought if I was a grandmother and someone said I am going to send your grnadson off to war and I had the power to say no sod off I you can't have him as I am sure many other grandmothers would to, not to mention mothers fathers sisters aunts etc etc One can hardly say hte family haven't given enough for their ocuntry already now can one?

ps a village in the Isle of Wight has opened a post officeinteh church belfry as the vilalge psot office closed well done!!

Suffolkmum said...

Well said Muddyboots. Laughing at Kitty B's comment - think she'll be sent to the tower!

KittyB said...

Off with my head!

mutterings and meanderings said...

Yep, you rant! You have good reason to.

I wrote about Post Office closures at work today.

The Country Craft Angel said...

You rant away!! I have a BIG thing about our post office and am campaigning desparately to keep it open.

And I have a brother in Basra, Iraq in the Army!! So I know what you mean about Harry!!

warm wishes

snailbeachshepherdess said...

re Prince H - why didn't he just go and then when he got back -say he's been...If it hadnt been so hyped up.....
re PO's -a village near here ended up renting a council bungalow to make a community shop and PO - It works!

Pondside said...

Muddy - keep on ranting! It's the same over here - God help us if we couldn't import from Mexico and points south, as we've paved over all the farmland and turned the farmers into land developers.
Canada Post gave up on the 'hinterland' long ago! Our nearest post office is in a supermarket 6 km away and there is no bus. We get service to a central box and if there's a parcel it won't fit and we have to go to the market to pick it up.

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