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Thursday, 24 May 2007

hot & sweaty

What a sweaty, manky day its been. l've been in the kitchen most of the day & whilst punters have been enjoying their ice cream & Greek salads outside, l've been sweating like a pig prepping their food. The newly installed air con wasn't much of a help, [l'm not much when it comes to setting air con temps], the only way to cool down was a -25 in one of the freezers!

Um, the weather doesn't look too good for the coming holiday does it? Sunday it's rain showers then Monday east winds & rain. They may have got it wrong, it has been known. Oh well, take it as it comes that's all you can do really.

The week's to do list is now getting progressively shorter & covered in ticks. Harry has got 200ltrs of banoffee & the same in apple crumble. The gastroporn bit is as follows, avert your eyes if you are of a nervous disposition. The banoffee is a banana based ice cream [yuk] with an upmarket toffee sauce swirled through it plus mini maltesers, toffee pieces & fudge, whilst the apple crumble is apple bits plus crumble, [not bad]. Tomorrow it's the complicated ones apparently!

Not only has Harry been making ice cream all week he has been out every night making & preparing stuff for this Saturday's young farmers rally @ Burton Agnes, he's going to be well knackered me thinks! Masoud, the other glutton for punishment, has been on Day 1 of his CIEH Intermediate Food Hygiene course, so he''ll have had fun learning about E Coli 157, clostridium proffingens, [sorry my spelling,] & ratus ratus. never a dull moment here you know!

The caravan rally organisers have been trickling in today, setting up the rally field for their members, little pegs to make pitches, a big tent to hold evening 'jollies', a whole mini village in the making & their here for the week! Keep smiling.
As the weekend progresses l don't know how much time or more like how much energy l will have. l think that l have written somewhere before that l find blogging a way to 'switch off' after a busy day, l will try to keep in touch!


toady said...

Your food and ice cream sound superb. Does any of it come south?

Anonymous said...

If Harry ever wants to move up this way tell him he's welcome on my farm. So long as he brings the ice cream making equipment!

The Country Craft Angel said...
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The Country Craft Angel said...

I sometimes find too that writing things down 'empty' my brain and enable it to switch off.

You made me laugh out loud with your expressions-my family all say 'manky' and 'sweat like a pig' now just as I do-people used to wonder what this word manky was that I used all the time!!

So glad to have found you on this site-I feel like I really appreciate you and your yorkshire roots here moreso than when you were on the 'other side'-think the photos and format have brought you so to life!

warm wishes

Inthemud said...

Poor you, stuck in hot sweaty kitchen.

Um weather doesn't sound too good over weekend , how disappointing.

Pondside said...

Another catch up on your blogs! You have been busy, haven't you - between making up new flavors and prepping the meals. It sounds a though it's feast or famine with the weather - too hot or too cold. I guess you'd really like to see some good solid runs of sunny and mild days!
I got a kick out of your comment on my nun blog!

Woozle1967 said...

Wow! Feel like I've been gone forever, catching up with your blogs. The beetroot colouring made me smile - we are a funny lot aren't we? Things have to "look right", or as we think they should, to be commercially viable these days. Daft. Au naturelle for me too, but so hard for producers. I find it really hard to get seeded grapes locally. I try to always eat un-genetically modified foods and, of course, seedless grapes have been modified. But the powers that be, sell what they think we all want. With you on the rural Post Offices/shops too - we have run a huge campaign to keep our local one and are waiting to hear the outcome. Ironic that more and more people are wanting to move out to the country and the government is hacking away at the things that make it special.x

Cait O'Connor said...

What is the name of your ice cream? Does it come to Wales

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