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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

gosh, you look tired

One of our regular customers today remarked that l looked tired. A quick check in the mirror proved that the miracle eye cream wasn't doing its job properly. 'Never mind' l cheerily replied l'm off on holiday soon at the beginning of September. l always find that when l'm 'going off the boil' waiting for second wind, my sense of humour becomes rather dodgy.

The weather still hasn't improved, this morning the sky was blue but by mid day the grey clouds were chasing across the sky bringing drizzle & a general dampness with them. It's rather strange really, now that the bank holiday is over, we are still busy despite the unseasonal weather. It was busy all day yesterday, [oh the celeb from Corrie was, David Platt] & the same to day though no celebs!

Harry is off jet skiing & ringoing with Young Farmers tonight, brrrr, at least he's got a wet suit so he shouldn't freeze too much. This is his first year with Young Farmers & he seems to have really enjoyed himself, making loads of new friends & being generally known as Mini Moo! Oh to be a teenager again! Ha l don't think so.

Pictures are form the YFC rally & the countryside stewardship fields.


ChrisH said...

Tired? I'd have collapsed long ago! Well done for keeping going!

sally's chateau said...

We've had the most bizarre weather too for this time of year. Have not thought of ice cream that's for sure !

Suffolkmum said...

I know that feeling of sense of humour failure ... keep going!

The Country Craft Angel said...

Made me smile-miracle eye cream is doing nothing for me either despite being plastered all over my face!

Just caught yesterdays-
Shame about the food fair yesterday-bit soul destroying for you. Any wonders you are exhausted.

Love how your blog site looks now with all the photos-they do make it 'come alive'

warm wishes

mutterings and meanderings said...

Sit down and eat some ice cream!

David Platt, eh? My mum (who is a massive Corrie fan) would be very impressed ...

Anonymous said...

It's been a disappointing half term (weather wise) hasn't it. Those young farmers really know how to enjoy themselves you know..!! Hope Harry has a great time.
I actually think David Platt is one of the best actors in Corrie - call me sad I know but he really rattles my cage which is part of his character.


Quelle bummer as Eldest would say, I realy would like to know if you find a miracle eye cream that works I am thinking of steel girders and elasterpalsts as my only option my face is definately beginning to give upon its battle with gravity!

Pondside said...

I just hate to be told that I look tired - it always translates (in my mind) to "you look awful/old/worn out/etc"
Keep that sense of humour!

Posie Rosie said...

I bet the ice cream was a sell out. Now you could do with going on the jet ski too!!

annakarenin said...

Weather is a pain as it is school hols and children keep having to come inside poor things.
glad to hear you had a good second day at the show though regardless of the weather shame about the Jm fan club messing up the first. Have to confess I didn't have a clue who he was and the link has left me none the wiser as the website is a tad to showy to be bothered with.

hubs has booked us into a local Michelin star resteraunt for my birthday next momth, can't wait as we do like good food.

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